Business operating hours – Future Dates Away, office closures

You receive personal service because this is a one-person show.  But this also means when I am away the office is closed.  However, these trips away are usually only a small percentage of each year.

The next date/s when the office will be closed are:

  • Several periods during April to August/September this year (dates will be specified here, prior to departure).  When away, I will check Twitter messages daily where there is mobile phone reception. So this is the best way to contact me if you require a speedy response.  Emails will be checked once weekly if possible but only urgent emails and phone messages will be responded to, before I return.
  • ** Please note **:  I will be out of the office more than usual during the dry season of 2014; so if ordering a special-event gift, please order well in advance to ensure your deadline is met.

As soon as I return from being away, orders are packed and mailed out in the order they were received.  When there is a special offer deadline, all orders received prior to the specified deadline receive the special offer.

When I am away phone messages, emails and social media accounts are checked as frequently as possible however it is sometimes difficult.  I work long hours when away and in any case am often a large distance from the nearest mobile phone reception or mains power supply.   When travelling, I often drive 1,000km/day or more, so it’s not feasible to be checking & responding to messages en route. Please note the suggested contact methods listed above, as each trip away is different.

If you are purchasing a gift for an upcoming event please note the above dates when I will be away and don’t forget to order in plenty of time.   If you have any queries when I am away, please don’t hesitate to contact me via the methods mentioned above, and apologies for any inconvenience caused.