Beef Australia Expo (Rocky’s Beef Week) 2012

Lindsay Ward, Beef Week 2012

Beef Week is over for another 3 years. This year a record crowd attended of almost 85,000 people, over 5 days.  Many Beef Australia visitors travelled from interstate and remote areas, and other countries.  Though the tradefair keeps me flat out for the duration, it’s immensely enjoyable.  I’m already looking forward to Beef Week in 2015 – it was great to meet so many more new people and catch up with old friends.

It’s always surprising who appears – I never expected to see Lindsay Ward at Beef Week, and I didn’t know he and Pam had moved from Kununurra back to his original home turf in SE Qld.

For all those who are wondering what the huge brahman bullock weighed, in the 2012 Beef Week weight guessing competition – the bullock’s exact weight was 1280kg.  Apparently 17 people guessed the brahman bullock’s weight correctly and Cindy Offord was declared the prize winner.  Donated by Nick Dudarko for the RACQ Capricorn Helicopter Rescue service, ‘Kangarin-Tiny’ was purchased by Australian Country Choice (ACC) and Coles, then donated to Monto State High School for the ag students to work with for a year.  ‘Kangarin-Tiny’ will then return to Nick Dudarko’s property.

I highly recommend that anyone interested in any kind of horses, attends Equitana.  It’s the equine equivalent of Rocky’s Beef Week Expo – being the largest horse show in the southern hemisphere.  Every type of horse and horse event is included in Equitana and many Australians from rural and remote areas attend.  In fact last time I went to Equitana, residents of towns such as Port Hedland and Darwin were complaining that they were sick of running into neighbours!  I even heard the same comments from Tasmanians and New Zealanders.

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