Best Rangeland Practice and Innovation (Bestprac)

There’s a great source of useful rural management stories and interesting information on the ‘Bestprac’ website.  Bestprac is supported by AWI (Australian Wool Innovation) and specialises in the promotion of best practice management of arid rangelands, helping cattle producers as well as sheepmeat/wool producers located in more sparsely settled areas (i.e. lower rainfall farming regions) hear first hand stories from other managers.  The contacts for Bestprac, David Heinjus and Carlyn Sherriff, are based in South Australia.  The Australian Pastoral Property Innovation Manual and the website (with free monthly e-newsletters) is full of inspiring stories, such as the twice-yearly shearing programme implemented by Magnus Aitken, Paraway Pastorial Company’s manager of Steam Plains station (north of Conargo, southern Riverina, NSW).

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