Drone photography

If you dismiss drone photography as just ‘pretty pictures’, then you’re either not doing it right or you’re not looking at images taken by the right photographers.

Burdekin Falls Dam, North Queensland (drone photography)

Above is the glorious sight of the mighty Burdekin Falls dam overflowing yesterday, after heavy wet season rain.

The Burdekin dam is one of Australia’s largest dams and the biggest in Queensland. Four times the capacity of Sydney Harbour, it holds 1,860,000 ML when full.  It supplies irrigation water to one of Australia’s greatest food bowls – the Burdekin irrigation area, surrounding the towns of Ayr and Home Hill.  During drought the dam (or ‘Lake Dalrymple’) also supplies water to Townsville, the largest city in the top half of Australia.  For many weeks over the last year water has been pumped to Townsville at a cost of $35,000 per day.  So good rain means a significant amount of money saved as well as the production of food and export income.

Significantly, the dam wall was designed so that it could be raised and a hydro electricity system installed at a later date.

Photography can inform, inspire and create action.

Drone information blog posts

  • I’ve written a number of posts containing information I wish I could have found at the outset. The drone topics below are either not covered by anyone else at all, incompletely or inaccurately.
  • All the information in these posts is included in Rural Drone Academy training, to some degree, but with the addition of many other useful topics, entertaining examples, participant Q & A’s and networking.
  1. Rural Drone Academy workshops & training – want to lift your flying up to another level, solve some drone issues, or you need a hand to gets started? These workshops are useful for all skill levels, ages and backgrounds.
  2. Next workshops plus previous events – upcoming events you can attend. Previous events are also listed, which will give you an idea of the regions covered, themes and the diversity organisations hosting them.
  3. Comments from participants – forthright opinions from people who have attended drone sessions held in four states.
  4. The principles of drone safety & laws – essential reading for every drone pilot. Accompanied by impressive ‘fail’ stories, during Rural Drone Academy training.
  5. How to set up a drone business – how to steam ahead – use time, energy & money to maximum effect – and avoid pitfalls. Included in drone workshops in detail, if applicable to participant interests.
  6. What is the best drone to buy for a beginner?  Objective information to help you decide. The internet is full of drones that have hardly been flown because they didn’t suit the buyer’s purpose. Don’t join them!
  7. What is the best drone to buy? Comprehensive information on the most common consumer models to help drone pilots upgrading or seeking a drone for a specific task.
  8. Is a Crystal Sky screen worth buying?  The pros and cons compared to using phones and tablets as screens, from an objective point of view.

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