Lorenzo ‘The Flying Frenchman’

Like most Australians I can only speak English but I’ve come across a lot of European horselovers via customers and now have Facebook links to quite a few.  Their fabulous horse photos do the talking.   It’s amazing how many amazingly talented horsemen and women there are – great trainers and trick riders – and it looks like a relatively large number are able to make a living out of equine entertainment in Europe.  If it wasn’t for our essential strict equine quarantine laws, no doubt we’d see some of them performing in Australia.

One of the most impressive examples I’ve come across is Lorenzo ‘The Flying Frenchman’.   He’s only in his 20s but even with my limited French, I can figure out that there’s apparently been 8 million visitors to his website – and it’s not surprising.  Have a look at the stunning images and videos on his website.  Lorenzo appears to specialise in cantering a team of up to 6 horses about in 3 pairs of 2, while standing on the rumps of the rear horses (one foot on each).  The horses go over jumps, around obstacles and through the sea.  He appears to be from or lives in the Camargue – a marshy area in the south of France where traditionally bull fighting bulls have been bred, along with famously hardy Camargue horses.  However the horses Lorenzo rides are apparently Lusitanos – Iberian saddlebreds from Portugal; historically related to the Andalusians of Spain.  Lusitanos are popular for dressage, most are grey, and there is a Lusitano Breeders Association in Australia.

Apparently Lorenzo and his horses have been filmed for a Red Bull ad.  I couldn’t find it on the internet however there’s a link to the Red Bull ad photos on my Face Book page.  I hope we get to see this ad – it’ll be more spectacular viewing than whatever TV show it interrupts.

Horse-featuring advertisements such as these are hugely inspirational and effective.  They plant the seed of a dream in people’s hearts, to get to know horses and learn to ride, and they motivate those who already have the dream to take action.  

Although personally, I’ve just been reminded yet again  how basic my own riding ability is!