Meat Free Monday supported by the South Australian Government

Today I discovered the South Australian Government is now listed as a ‘partner’ on the “Do Something” Meat Free Monday “Foodwise” website.

I’ve previously written about the Meat Free Monday campaign.  It purports to help the health of the planet and relies on the endorsement of celebrities who are too distracted or too busy to do their homework.  What few if any of these famous actors, musicians, sportspeople and cooks appear to realise is that the underlying intention is to eliminate livestock industries completely.  And that doing this would actually harm the planet not help it, by shifting more pressure to other food production systems, many of which are far more detrimental to native flora and fauna, and far less sustainable long-term.  Australia has a world-renowned sustainable grazing industry; efficiently producing a large quantity of good quality food, in harmony with the natural environment.  This message needs to be better explained to those who believe the misinformation put out by agenda-driven organisers behind ‘eat less meat’ campaigns.

Previous blog posts detailing ‘eat less meat’ campaigns include: Meat Free Monday propaganda and Meat that isn’t real (pointing out that Meat Free Monday has been driven by the Fry Family, an African family who make a living manufacturing fake meat, for the vegan market.)

South Australia, of all states, supporting ‘Meat Free Mondays’! The largest cattle station in the world, S. Kidman & Co’s Anna Creek,  is located in South Australia.  The second largest sheep station in the world, Jumbuck Pastoral’s Commonwealth Hill, is located in South Australia.  One of the most iconic brands in the country, leather boot making icon R.M. Williams, began in rural South Australia.

Do the taxpayers of South Australia realise they are helping to fund a campaign driven by people intent on  getting rid of livestock industries?










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