New book available soon – ‘Life as an Australian Horseman’

The soon-to-be-released sequel to the best-seller ‘A Million Acre Masterpiece’ is called ‘Life as an Australian Horseman’. These two authentic Australian coffee-table style books are designed to complement one another. The second does not include the 8 page glossary, in order to leave more room for photographs, and many of the captions are a bit longer (some great quotes from station residents are included). With 282 photographs on more than 200 pages, ‘Life as an Australian Horseman’ is much bigger than ‘A Million Acre Masterpiece’. Photographs included have been taken on more than a dozen different cattle stations in Queensland, the top half of the Northern Territory and the East and West Kimberley Regions of Western Australia; plus a couple of photographs taken at the Brunette Races and Camooweal Campdraft. Similar to ‘A Million Acre Masterpiece’, subjects range from dusty mustering action and aerial images of vast landscapes to contemplative stockcamp scenes, gardens and typical station buildings – but with an emphasis on horse images throughout. And ‘Life as an Australian Horseman’ has a large chapter on broncoing (with rare images taken on Lucy Creek, NT and Glengyle, Qld), plus more images of stockwhips in use and working dogs.

Everyone on the mailing list will be sent a message when ‘Life as an Australian Horseman’ is available to purchase (early December 2009), and a special offer. Please add your details to the mailing list if you would like me to drop you a line when it has been printed.

‘Life as an Australian Horseman’ will not be available in bookshops, at least not for the foreseeable future.

Overseas orders: Please note – all going well, I will receive some advance copies of ‘Life as an Australian Horseman’ around mid-November. These early copies will only be available to purchasers who need to have them mailed directly overseas – i.e. they are purchased by residents of other countries, or Australians wanting gifts mailed direct to overseas addresses. This is in order to help ensure delivery of books to other countries prior to Christmas. Unfortunately, though, I can’t guarantee Christmas delivery for any overseas-delivered orders mailed after the end of October, due to unavoidable postal system delays at this time of year. I suspect more thorough customs inspections are responsible for slowing imports into many countries, and this security bottleneck is exacerbated during the Christmas mail deluge. Anything sent overseas after the end of October is in danger of being delivered after December 25th rather than before, though delivery to most countries is ordinarily only about 7-14 days by ordinary airmail. New Zealand, the U.S.A, Canada and Britain are the quickest, common countries I mail to. Whereas anyone ordering deliveries to European countries (eg Germany, Italy), African countries (South Africa, Botswana) and South American countries (Argentina, Brazil) are advised to consider paying the extra postal charge to have the purchase sent by the express airmail service, unless they do not mind taking the risk that their parcel will not be delivered until after Christmas. When considering this, it is worth bearing in mind that most people would much rather have a special, memorable gift that unavoidably arrives a bit late, than a mediocre present that arrives on time. Anyone who crosses you off the Christmas list because your gift arrives late, is probably not worth giving a gift to (well at least that’s my view. I have come across people at Christmas time who are absolutely beside themselves with worry, at the thought that gifts won’t be delivered in time, while others do their best then relax – knowing that most of the time things work out anyway.)

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