Business operating hours – dates away & events attended

This is a one-person show – so you receive personal service.  But as there’s no staff here, when I’m away, the office is closed.

Some of the days I’ll be out of the office & events we could cross paths at:



  • Excited to be returning to Birdsville in late August/early September, to take photographs for the Birdsville Roadhouse, when the Birdsville Races are on.  Also perhaps more photographs for OBE Organic. I’ll be away from approximately 30 August 10 September (weather permitting).

Driving through Western Queensland, heading to Birdsville


  • QRRRWN Conference, Roma (Qld).  6-8 October are the conference days however I’ll be driving to/from, so away 5-9 October.  Very much looking forward to running my “Rural travel around the planet – without costing the earth” and “Make photography work for you” workshops.
  • NSW Rural Women’s Gathering, Broken Hill (NSW); ‘Rocks Rust Stars & Dust’. 28-30 October are the conference days but I will be away from 27 Oct until 6 November.  I’ll be running my “Rural travel around the planet – without costing the earth” and “Make photography work for you” workshops.
  • Remote and Isolated Children’s Exercise (RICE) 40th anniversary dinner – Delighted to be invited to be the guest speaker at the RICE 40th anniversary dinner.  I’ll also be taking photographs. The dinner is on 10th December; I’ll be away 9-11 December.


  • RURAL JOURNEY AROUND THE BRITISH ISLES:  Several weeks in July-August 2017. It’s a cliche but in this case it is true – this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to have an especially memorable trip around the UK & Ireland, in the company of a fantastic group of fellow travellers. We’ll be attending a selection of Britain’s best agricultural events, visiting interesting farms and meeting a great bunch of locals involved in agriculture.   While travelling,  I’ll also be giving photography-related advice to anyone who has any queries.  This is a unique adventure – a very personal tour! More details on this fantastic British Isles tour on this blog page.
Blenheim Palace cricket match.

Blenheim Palace cricket match.

Some of the most recent office closures were:

  • HEADON PHOTO FESTIVAL OPENING & WORKSHOPS 29 April (away 29 April-3 May).  I entered this prestigious photography competition for the first time this year and one of my photographs is a finalist.  It is included in the HeadOn exhibition in NSW Parliament House, from 2 May until 9 June, in the Fountain Court Gallery.
  • SYDNEY ROYAL EASTER SHOW (the show ran from 17 to 30 March & I had a stand in the Home, Garden & Lifestyle pavilion).
  • RIRDC RURAL WOMEN’S AWARD  As a Queensland finalist in this year’s awards, I was in Brisbane 23-25 February for the interviews and announcement of the winner.

Generally – usually the best way to contact me while I am away:

  • Twitter:  I check twitter messages daily where there is mobile phone reception & I have a data connection. So this is the best way to contact me if you require a speedy response.
  • LinkedIn: I also check Linkedin daily; as above.
  • Emails:  Emails are checked on a computer once weekly if possible but only urgent emails are responded to, before I return. And sometimes I’m not able to check them at all.  Hundreds of emails are received weekly, so it’s a good idea to throw a reminder rock my way after I return, too.  (When going through thousands of emails, it’s easy to accidentally delete one in error.)
  • Facebook: My Facebook use is erratic; however I endeavour to check it weekly while away.
  • Phone:  If I’m away for longer than 2 weeks please don’t leave phone messages, as Messagebank automatically deletes phone messages past a certain age and they cannot be retrieved.

General notes:

  • If ordering a special-event gift, please order well in advance to ensure your delivery deadline is met.
  • I am home most of the time, but sometimes travel at short notice, taking photographs or for other business reasons.  It’s the nature of the beast-I must travel away to take pics, attend conferences etc.
  • When there is a special offer deadline, all orders received prior to the specified deadline receive the special offer.
  • When I am away phone messages, emails and social media accounts are checked as frequently as possible however it is sometimes difficult.  I am single-minded and work long hours when away, extracting the most out of every minute. In any case, I’m often a large distance from the nearest mobile phone reception or mains power supply.  And if out of Australia, the SIM card I’ve bought often gets used up too quickly, because I tweet so many images and videos!  When travelling in Australia, I often drive 1,000km/day or more, so it’s not feasible to be checking & responding to messages en route. Please note any specifically mentioned contact methods listed for specific trips away, above, as each journey is different.
  • If you have any queries when I am away, please don’t hesitate to contact me via the methods mentioned above.

Apologies for any inconvenience caused by office absences.  Ideally I’d have a bevvy of slaves, but alas not.