Australians Supporting Beef Farmers (ASBF) – brand new website now online

The ‘Australians Supporting Beef Farmers’ (ASBF) brand new website is online today.  The aim of the website is to provide objective industry facts and a united voice for Australian cattle farmers, especially those in the north who are directly or indirectly involved in the live export trade, as well as people indirectly involved (from truck drivers and mustering chopper owners to fodder growers etc).

It’s an excellent website and an absolutely amazing effort to put this together in just 5 days, primarily by just three women – Kristen O’Brien, Kelsey Neilson and Jackie Reid.  These women run the website – it is not run by a grower-funded body or company; it is privately owned and run and has personal stories on it.

Check out the ASBF page of Beef Industry Facts.

And if you want to read a typical but eloquent and immensely personal explanation about what it is like to live in the bush and how passionately rural residents feel about what they do and where they live, read Kylie’s letter on the Australians Supporting Beef Farmers website.  Especially if you can’t understand why people choose to live on the land, away from cities.

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