Tackling the fairyland claims of extremist environmentalists

Ian Mott takes Jennifer Marohasy to task regarding her sweeping claims of cattle damaging the environment on her blog.

Have a read and a think about what they both have to say. Jennifer is a classic example of someone who is absolutely determined to push a very specific barrow, despite whatever evidence may exist to the contrary. Typically unable to have a reasoned discussion or adequately defend challenged assertions.

Ian is entirely right when he says selective photography can be used to promote a misleading view. A good photographer does this all the time – minimising what they don’t want in an image and emphasising what they want to draw attention to – by changing angles, closeups shots and selective cropping, etc. This is from someone who does it all the time! It’s the most important skill any photographer can have.

As usual, it’s a one-eyed environmental extremist treating the public like fools by presenting them with propaganda and insulting their intelligence when they dare to disagree.