Depopulation of the bush

Australian cities and coastal towns have been growing at a rate of knots.  Some towns in mining areas are growing, but most are still diminishing despite the plethora of well-paid local employment, due to fly-in fly-out mining workforce arrangements.

It has been sad to see the reduction in population in the vast majority of rural and regional Australia (more than 90% of the continent).

A classic illustration of rural de-population is the sale of a number of on-property housesby John Kahlbetzer’s Twynham Group.  These are houses and facilities on Collymongle Station near Collarenebri in NSW.  14 houses are listed, plus 2 other accommodation buildings and other facilities.  The reason for sale is given as being changed land usage and reduced labour requirements.

On many other farms and stations, houses are either moved or left to fall into disrepair – the Australian bush is littered with the remnants of what used to be homes.  Often all that remains is a struggling bush lemon tree, rusty pieces of corrugated iron and a set of house stumps.

It is of course better that houses are sold and moved into nearby towns or onto other properties and used, than left to rot, but it is sad to see nonetheless.