Flash food in the bush (the real bush, not the outer suburbs of Sydney, Brisbane or Melbourne)

Discovered another top eatery on the road in April, Bertoldo’s Pasticceria and Panetteria in Griffith (central NSW).  Apparently Bertoldo’s bakery opened in 1952 but for some reason I haven’t discovered it until now.  By sheer chance we were driving past just as the Easter Sunday after-church crowd were feasting.  The crowd in the quiet street looked like bees swarming around a hive, it was an irresistable invitation to stop and investigate.  Bertoldo’s bakery is on Griffith’s main drag – Banna Avenue, and it doesn’t just have the usual bakery fare of pies, sandwiches and sweet slices, they include nougat, gelato and other unusual treats in the bush, such as crostoli.

Buy a feast and sit at their pavement tables and relax for a while.