Frank McAlary QC 1925-2010

Frank McAlary QC was a classic example of a bloke born in the bush who developed a very successful city career but maintained a life long love of the land. A passion that was able to be followed by purchasing properties such as Yeeda and Mount House in the West Kimberley region of Western Australia; and Bolivia, The Downs and Lombardy in the Glen Innes/Tenterfield region of the New England Tableland (NSW).

Frank was a born in 1925 and spent his first years on Emu Park Station near Warren before moving with his family to Sydney at the age of 13, several years after his father’s death. Frank had a very high profile career as a barrister and only retired when past his mid 70s, in 2002. One of 6 children, he and his wife Patricia had 8 children. Youngest daughter Caitlin Westlake lives on the Kimberley Station, Mount House, and eldest son Daniel on Lombardy. Frank Stratton McAlary died of a heart attack in Sydney on 17th January 2010.

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