News – book sales & website upgrade


End of run – All 3 books on Australian cattle stations are in short supply. My first book, “A Million Acre Masterpiece”, has sold out – and the subsequent books aren’t far behind – “Life as an Australian Horseman” and “Biggest mobs – longest shadows”.

Overseas orders – Freight has been steadily increasing each year and risen dramatically since the Covid 19 pandemic took hold. Due to this big increase plus delivery vagaries, orders for books to be sent beyond Australia can no longer be accepted, from today onwards. For years I have subsidised overseas freight, as I particularly like to help expats missing Australia, however it’s not financially possible to continue doing so.


This website is a dinosaur in online terms as it was created in 2003.

It has been updated numerous times over the last 18 years however a complete website rebuild is now unavoidable, due to increasing glitches and limitations. This website rebuild will occur during the first half of 2022.

In the meantime, some glitches will unfortunately be visible (eg blog post text formatting) and some information re book availability will be out of date.