Business operating hours – dates away & ag events attended

This is a one-person show – so you receive personal service. 

But as there’s no staff here, when I’m away, the office is closed.

How to contact me when away:

I’m often in remote areas with no mobile phone reception for 1-200km or more; and little or no wi-fi access. Or I’m overseas, working weird hours and not accessing emails frequently. There’s suggestions on how best to contact me when I’m away, down the bottom of this post.

Some of the days I’ll be out of the office & ag events we could cross paths at


  • Cunnamulla, Quilpie, Thargomindah & Morven (South Western Queensland), AgForce multi-topic workshops.  17-20 July (dates away – 16 – 21 July). Running rural social media sessions: ‘Putting social media to work for the bush’; plus answering any drone queries people have.
  • 26 July; Attending the Precision Farming Workshop, Ayr (North Qld) – run by QFF & Qld Govt.
  • Central Queensland, 1 August; Injune. Running a full day ag drone workshop (dates away, 31 July to 2 August; but TBC).
  • RAPAD Outback AeroDrone Symposium, Barcaldine – 11-12 August (away 10-13 Aug); running workshops on drones in ag, and aerial photography.
  • Australian Women in Agriculture conference, Shepparton (Vic); 17-19 Aug (away 16/17 – 20 Aug). Presenting 2 sessions on drones in agriculture.
  • InterDrone America’s largest commercial drone conference, held annually at the Rio Hotel in Las Vegas. 5-7 September 2018 (exact dates away TBC; will probably be 2 weeks or more; approx 2nd Sept until 16th). I’m running a workshop titled ‘Maximising still photography results’ – based on 30 years of aerial photography experience – first via choppers then in recent years, also via drones.
  • Las Vegas is home to InterDrone, America’s largest commercial drone conference. Can’t wait to revisit!

  • Commission photography work, Central Queensland – dates TBC (late Sept, or Oct)


  • IRELAND & UK FARM TOUR:  July – August 2019.  It’s a cliche but in this case it is true – this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to have an especially memorable trip around the UK & Ireland, in the company of a fantastic group of fellow travellers. We’ll be attending a selection of Britain’s best agricultural events and visiting interesting farms off the beaten track. A particular highlight will be meeting a large number of  locals involved in agriculture, at special dinners arranged in Ireland, Scotland and England.   While travelling,  I’ll also be giving photography-related advice to anyone who has any queries.  Note – this tour was to run in 2018, however it has been postponed to 2019, due to drought affecting passenger numbers (particularly in Qld; where after 6 years, surely the next wet season will be a decent one). This British Isles tour is a unique adventure – a very personal tour! More details on this fantastic farm tour of Ireland and the UK on this blog page. Don’t hesitate to contact me by phone (07 4728 4922) or email if you have any queries or you would like to subscribe to my Overseas Farm Tour newsletter.
Relaxing afternoon watching village cricket, in the UK's Cotswolds

Relaxing afternoon watching village cricket, in the UK’s Cotswolds

Some of the most recent events etc attended (& office closures):

  • Birdsville (Far SW Qld); commission photographs (in Birdsville, during the Birdsville Big Red Bash); 10 – 12 July (away 7 – 15 July)
  • ‘Digital Farmers: Bringing AgTech to Life 2018’ – 13-14 June; Sydney. Run by the Australian Farm Institute. Away 12-15 June.
  • ‘Basalt Bash & Beauty’, Mt Surprise (Far North Qld); 29-31 May (away 29th May – 31 May 2018). Workshops on using drones on cattle stations (‘Drones, are they the future? and can they help?’) and effective use of social media (‘Social meda – the do’s & dont’s’).  Organised by AgForce & the Northern Gulf Resource Management Group.
  • ‘Your produce, my plate, our future’ forum, Laura (Far North Qld);  (15-16 May; away 14-17 May). Run/organised/supported by AgForce & Cape York Natural Resource Mangement. Workshop on using drones on cattle stations.
  • Beef Australia, Rockhampton (Qld); 6th – 11th May (away: 5th – 12th May). As usual I was on a stand at Rockhampton’s Beef Week – but in 2018, rather than have my own stand in the Walter Pearce Pavilion, I was on Quadrant Australia’s.
  • Gulf Country, Queensland attending 2 workshops run by Northern Gulf Resource Management Group; drones & presentations; away 18th – 22nd April
  • AgriFutures Rural Women’s Award – Queensland finalist interview & announcement of the winner in Brisbane, 20th – 23rd March. (My Rural Drone Academy project was one of the 2018 AgriFutures finalist projects.)
  • Women on Farms Gathering, Mornington Peninsula (Victoria); away 15th – 18th March 2018. Workshops on social media/mobile phone photography, and an introduction to drones in agriculture.
  • USA; away from 20th February until 11th March.  Attended the opening of ‘Whispering grass – stories from Australia’s outback cattle stations’ – my exhibition in the Embassy of Australia in Washington D.C.; opened by Australia’s Ambassador to the US, Joe Hockey.  There’s some info on the Washington exhibition blog post. I also attended a DJI drone photography academy day in North Carolin plus the New York City Drone Film Festival and Drone Day.


  • Victoria & Southern NSW – farm photography plus 2 day drone course training; away 7-15 December.
  • Mareeba (Far North Queensland) National Agricultural Day – Farmer Meets Foodie forum & Food Truck Feast, 21 November (away 20-22 Nov). #AgDay presention on making the most of social media; plus a panel session on social media for business.
  • Townsville (North Queensland)‘Politics in the Pub’ event run by Agforce – forum at the Commonwealth Hotel in South Townsville, with North Queensland state election candidates in attendance. 16 November (office shut in the late afternoon, only).
  • Narrandera (Southern NSW) – at the NSW Rural Women’s Gathering, ‘Women Culture Land – just add water’, 27-29 October (away 26 Oct to 1 Nov); ran 2 workshops: How to get the best photographs from mobile phones, and rural travel.
  • Townsville (North Queensland) – 24 October; ‘Managing risks: Securing the Future’ live export forum; run by Agforce in conjunction with ALEC (Australian Livestock Exporters’ Council).  Presentation: ‘best practice’ live export story (& traps to avoid).
  • Emerald (Central Queensland)Queensland Rural Regional & Remote Women’s Network conference, ‘Building vibrant communities, developing future gems’; 19th to 21st October (away 19-22 Oct); ran 2 unique workshops – How to get the best photographs from mobile phones, and rural travel.
  • Victoria & Southern NSW – away 5-12 October (completing magazine stories)
  • USA – attended InterDrone – the largest drone conference in the world. Plus workshops on drone cinematography & drone night flying. Away 30 Aug – 14 Sept.
  • Prairie (North Queensland) – Kooroorinya Ladies Day – 26th August (away 25-27 August); workshops on ‘Drones in Agriculture’, ‘Better Mobile Phone Photography’ & ‘Grants & Scholarships for Rural Women’.
  • Charleville (Western Queensland) – 27 July (away 26-28 July); ‘Managing risks: Securing the Future’ forum; run by Agforce. Workshops on drones in agriculture & mobile phone photography.
  • Corner Country trip (north-eastern South Australia, north-western NSW & far south-western Queensland) – 8 July to 23 July; for photography purposes (including an Outback Magazine story).  Remote area – limited communication while away.
  • Malanda; Atherton Tablelands (Far North Queensland) – 21st June (away 20-22 June); ‘Managing risks: Securing the Future’ forum; run by Agforce, the Northern Gulf Resource Management Group & the Queensland Farmer’s Federation. Keynote speaker: Drones in Agriculture. Workshops: mobile phone photography & how to use social media efficiently & effectively.
  • South-east Queensland; Brisbane – 3rd June to 6th June; ‘She Flies’ drone instructor training.
  • Far North Queensland – 9th to 12th May; tropical pasture field day on Olive Vale station, Laura & corporate photography.
  • Victoria & southern NSW – RM William’s Outback Magazine business story; away 13th April to 21st April.
  • Southern Gulf country (Qld); RM William’s Outback Magazine station story. Away 3rd April to 10th April.
  • Australian Women in Agriculture (AWiA) event at the Toowoomba Show Speaking about the ‘Trial and Terror’ involved in running an entrepreneurial rural business, triumping over obstacles (even when such persistence borders on crazy), the compromises women make and changes I have seen in the bush. Away 31 March to 2 April.
  • Northern Beef Producers Expo, Charters Towers – away on 3rd & 4th of March.
  • Queensland Rural Press Club – monthly luncheon in Brisbane; 16th February (away 15-17 Feb).  The February speaker was Simon Crean, talking about Australia’s place in the global livestock trade (and our live export industry).  The annual Rural Media Awards were also presented – this year I was delighted to win the Rural Social Media category.


  • Remote and Isolated Children’s Exercise (RICE) 40th anniversary dinner – Great to be invited to be the guest speaker at the 40th anniversary dinner, and take photographs of the children’s end-of-year activity day. (Away 8-12 December 2016). Loved visiting Whyalla, Port Augusta & other towns around Spencer Gulf (South Australia).
  • RICE – full day ‘Photography with Purpose’ workshop, at Mannahill, South Australia (Monday 31st October 2016).
  • NSW Rural Women’s Gathering, Broken Hill (NSW); ‘Rocks Rust Stars & Dust’. 28-30 October 2016; presented 2 workshops – “Rural travel around the planet – without costing the earth” and “Make photography work for you”.
  • QRRRWN Conference, Roma (Qld).  6-8 October conference days (away 5-9 October 2016).  Presented 2 workshops – “Rural travel around the planet – without costing the earth” and “Make photography work for you”.
  • BIRDSVILLE – late August/early September & mid May 2016; taking photographs & making short videos for the OBE Organic, a unique organic beef producing business; and the Birdsville Roadhouse.
  • HEADON PHOTO FESTIVAL OPENING & WORKSHOPS 29 April (away 29 April-3 May 2016).  I entered this prestigious photography competition for the first time this year and one of my photographs was a finalist.  It was included in the HeadOn exhibition in NSW Parliament House, from 2 May until 9 June, in the Fountain Court Gallery.
  • SYDNEY ROYAL EASTER SHOW (the show ran from 17 to 30 March 2016 & I had a stand in the Home, Garden & Lifestyle pavilion).
  • RIRDC RURAL WOMEN’S AWARD  As a Queensland finalist in this year’s awards, I was in Brisbane 23-25 February 2016 for the interviews and announcement of the winner.


Quickest method: via social media.  Social media accounts are checked regularly when I have access to wi-fi or mobile phone reception; and these messages can be received by mobile phones in nanoseconds with just a sliver of reception, where the signal strength is insufficient to make a phonecall.

  • Twitter:  This is the best way to contact me if you require a speedy response.
  • LinkedIn: I also check Linkedin daily; as above.
  • Facebook & Instagram: I use these less often, but endeavour to check Facebook & Instagram daily when travelling.
  • Email:  When I’m home it’s the best way to enquire.  But I receive hundreds of emails weekly and rarely have time to check them when travelling.  Often there’s no data connection available anyway.
  • Landline phone:  If it’s stated that I’ll be away for longer than 2 weeks please don’t leave phone messages, as Messagebank automatically deletes phone messages past a certain age and they cannot be retrieved.

If you’ve sent a message and haven’t received a reply within a couple of days of the travel return date specified above, don’t hesitate to send me a reminder message.

General notes:

  • If ordering a special-event gift, please order well in advance to ensure your delivery deadline is met.
  • I am home most of the time, but sometimes travel at short notice, taking photographs or for other business reasons.  It’s the nature of the beast – I must travel away to take photographs and share knowledge at workshops; and often to remote areas.
  • When there is a special offer deadline, all orders received prior to the specified deadline receive the special offer.
  • When I am away phone messages, emails and social media accounts are checked as frequently as possible however it is sometimes difficult.  I am single-minded and work long hours when away, extracting the most out of every minute where I am. In any case, I’m often a large distance from the nearest mobile phone reception or mains power supply.  And if out of Australia, the SIM card I’ve bought often gets used up too quickly, because I tweet so many images and videos!  When travelling in Australia, I often drive 1,000km/day or more, so for rest/safety reasons it’s not feasible to be checking & responding to messages en route. Please note any specifically mentioned contact methods listed for specific trips away, above, as each journey is different.
  • If you have any queries when I am away, please don’t hesitate to contact me via the methods mentioned above.

Apologies for any inconvenience caused by office absences.  Ideally I’d have a bevvy of slaves, but alas not.