Next events & office opening hours

  • Some engagements are listed below while there’s others awaiting confirmation before being made public. (Of course due to Covid19, event arrangements are being altered by organisers, as things change.)
  • You receive personal service as I have no staff. If I’m taking photographs for you or you’re attending a workshop, you have my undivided attention.
  • Remote area & overseas travel can also mean I’m hard to catch when out & about – there’s info on how to contact me when travelling, down the bottom of this page.

Events we could cross paths at & dates out of the office:


  • E-Beef ag drone workshops – Hughenden & Cloncurry, North Queensland; 27 & 29 October (away 26 to 30 October). How to put drones to good use on northern cattle stations; mythbusting; and agtech that is better for some purposes. The E-Beef project is supported by a partnership comprising Southern Gulf NRM, Desert Channels Queensland, Northern Gulf RMG, and Queensland Department of Agriculture and Fisheries. Funding for the project is from the Australian Government’s National Landcare Program and the Queensland Government Drought and Climate Adaptation Program. Booking details will be added soon.
  • Commercial photography in South Australia; first week of November (dates TBC)
  • Drone workshop – Townsville – a full day, A to Z of what every drone pilot needs to know to fly safely, legally, productively and enjoyably; followed by a unique hands-on session. Tentative date – Nov 2020; details TBC.
  • Online – Advancing Women in Agriculture conference, Canada; 24-25 Nov; pre-recorded video presentation: ‘If you bought a drone, you might be as surprised as I was’.
  • Online – Commercial UAV Expo Europe, presentation on drones in agriculture. Conference was to run 1-3 December 2020, in conjunction with Amsterdam Drone Week.


By January 2020 I had drone events and photography commission work lined up for every month of 2020, right up until Christmas. Including 3 overseas work trips. Some of the engagements cancelled or postponed, from March 2020 onwards:

  • US & Canada; drone-related training – March (postponed indefinitely)
  • Commmission photography in North Queensland, March – May (cancelled)
  • Freelance photography, Gulf Country (Qld) – early April (postponed)
  • Commission photography, NT/Far Western Qld – mid May (cancelled)
  • South West Queensland; Thargomindah, Noorama, Morven, Quilpie – Introduction to drones in agriculture workshops – March, then May/June (postponed again)
  • Townsville City Library, North Qld – 2 drone & aerial photography workshops plus author talk; during Townsville City Council’s July ‘Festival of Stories’; 14-18 July (postponed for 2020; perhaps cancelled)
  • InterDrone Texas (USA)- 2 panels and on a the Women and Drones trade stand. Conference originally to run 18-20 August then rescheduled for 15-17 December 2020 (no longer attending)

POSTPONED UNTIL 2021 – new dates:

  • Broken Hill Agfair, Western NSW; drones in agriculture & mobile phone photography workshops, in conjunction with the RFDS. (Was to be early May 2020, now May 2021. Dates away, 30 April – 4 May, approx).
  • Australian Association of Unmanned Systems conference (AAUS), in conjunction with Rotortech, Brisbane – presentation on drone use in Australian agriculture. (Was to be 17-18 June 2020, then 15-16 October 2020, now 15-17 June 2021)
  • Avalon Airshow, Geelong (Victoria); centenary of the Royal Australian Airforce. (Was to be Feb 2021, now 23-28 Nov 2021)

Some of the most recent events etc attended (& office closures):


  • Online – Commercial UAV Expo – Americas – Drones in agriculture & ranching; live panel session Friday 18 Sept (US West Coast PDT, Thursday 17)
  • Great to be speaking at another Commercial UAV Expo, this time at the US event (online) – the roundtable discussion on drones in agriculture and ranching. An interesting group of panellists and a great topic, not discussed at other drone conferences.

  • Online – Drone World Congress 2020 in Shenzhen, China (run by the World UAV Federation) – International Precision Agricultural Aviation conference; pre-recorded video presentation: ‘Spray drones in Australia – progress and impediments to uptake’.

2020 Drone World Congress (run by the World UAV Federation), in Shenzhen, China – online presentation listing in the schedule for the International Conference on Precision Agricultural Aviation. Three overseas drone conference trips were planned in 2020, but all of them turned into online presentations, due to travel restrictions.

  • Interviews of leading drone industry pilots, South East Queensland; away 1-5 Sept
  • 2 day drone & aerial photography workshop, a Rural Academy event; hosted by the Quilpie Cultural Association & funded by Queensland’s Regional Arts Development Fund (RADF) and also the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA); 25-26 July.  These drone workshops are unique, Australia-wide so participants often travel long distances to participate. Several of the two dozen attendees drove 1,000km to attend and several others drove 500km (one way. IE 2,000 & 1,000km in total).
  • Online – Farms Advice podcast, July interview with Jack Creswell
  • Online – 50th Dronemasters Meetup, Germany, – online event, midnight 3 June to 2am 4 June (based in Canada); seven speakers on drones from around the world – Germany, UK, Ghana, USA plus myself.  (Not recorded; only broadcast live)
  • Online – Cynthia Mahoney & Associates ‘Wellbeing Wednesday’ interview, 6 May (hour long, session recorded with participant Q & A session)
  • Online – The Drone Trainer Podcast, Canada interview, March (hour long, pre-recorded session)
  • Commission drone photography, Western Queensland, mid March
  • Online – Wandoan Photo Challenge, Southern Qld –  late March; judged the photography entries again this year, delighted to be asked again! Luckily – online, not in person. This is the best-run rural photography competition in Australia, as far as I know.  But – the images must have been taken within a 100km radius of Wandoan. Lucky locals! Other photography competition organisers would do well to read the Wandoan T & C.
  • Commission drone photography, Far North Qld/Gulf – 5 – 10 March
  • Rural Drone Academy workshop, Sarina (North Qld) – 29 Feb; Introduction to drones workshop, full day; plus Sarina school talk (away 28 Feb – 1 March). Sponsored by the Bendigo Community Bank.
  • Queensland Department of Agriculture & Fisheries, Rockhampton region (Central Qld); commission photography; 18-22 February.
  • January; limited work hours due to illness; & reduced computer hours due to major system upgrade (not completed until early February).


  • Far North Queensland; commission photography – away 16 Dec to 19 Dec (home just in time to mail book orders for pre-Christmas delivery)
  • Queensland Rural Press Club Christmas function (Brisbane) for the annual photography award presentation, then Victoria for MLA commission photography; away 5 – 12 December.
  • Interrupted work hours & travel in November, due to a family member’s illness & recovery.
  • Melbourne (Victoria) – away 8 – 10 November
  • Innamincka (South Australia) Rural Academy training – ag drone workshop, RFDS wellness weekend – away 1-4 November.
  • Department of Agriculture & Fisheries, Innisfail (Far North Queensland) commercial photography – away 22-23 October.
  • Marcus Oldham agricultural college, Geelong (Vic) – Rural Academy training – ag drone talk for farm management students; away 15 -17 Oct.
  • World of Drones Congress, Brisbane (SE Queensland) – 26-27 Sept (away 20-27 Sept); presented a talk on drones in agriculture – current reality vs myths, and predictions.
  • RAPAD Outback AeroDrone Symposium, Barcaldine (CW Queensland) – 21-23 September (away 20-27 Sept); Rural Academy training – presented a half-day aerial photography masterclass.
  • Cobb & Co Festival, Surat (Southern Qld), 23-25 Aug (away 22 – 26 Aug). A commemoration of the last Cobb & Co Coach run in Australia – 95 years ago. Australian agriculture was founded on the sweat & loyalty of hard working horses and I love to see respect being paid to them. So I especially enjoyed being part of recognising this vital part of Australia’s inland history, and taking drone images.  I look forward to the next Cobb & Co Festival, the centenary – in 2024.
  • IRELAND & UK FARM TOUR:  16 July – 10 Aug 2019 (away 15 July – 17 Aug).  Ireland, Wales, England & Scotland; during the height of Britain’s summer – I escorted 25 farmers around a huge diversity of highlights – agricultural and otherwise. This particular tour had three unique features. 1) an unusual number of opportunities to converse with a large diversity of locals involved in agriculture, sometimes over lunch or dinner; 2) more events visited than any other farm tour & 3) Professional-standard photographs to remind everyone of their journey highlights. More details on this fantastic farm tour of Ireland and the UK on this blog page. Don’t hesitate to contact me by phone (07 4728 4922) or email if you have any queries regarding future tours, or you would like to subscribe to my Overseas Farm Tour newsletter.

One of the unique aspects of the 2019 UK & Ireland farm tour – the number of events and special occasions included in the itinerary. British Isles shows are still focused on agriculture and very traditional.

  • Atherton Tablelands & Cairns (Far North Queensland) – away 6-8 July.
  • The 3rd Drone World Congress, 2019 –  run by the World UAV Federation, Shenzhen, China. Plus 2 other drone events; Nanjing & Huizhou. 19-24 June (away 17 – 25 June). Presented a talk on drones in Australian agriculture, & innovative ways to increase uptake – at the conferences in Shenzhen & Nanjing.
  • NQ Dry Tropics – mobile phone photography workshops (in house), 13 & 14 June; Townsville & Ayr (North Queensland)
  • Blackall Cultural Association 2 day drone photography masterclass, Blackall (Central Western Queensland) 8-9 June. (Away 6 -10 June)  Rural Academy training, funded by RADF & the Blackall-Tambo Regional Council.
  • Pooncarie Field Day (Western NSW), 4 May (away 5-6 May) – Rural Academy training; presentation on using drones on farms & stations.
  • Commercial UAV Expo, Europe (Amsterdam, Netherlands); 8-10 April 2019 (away 2 April to 25 April). Presented on drones in agriculture plus involved in a roundtable discussion. Also Belgium, France, UK.
  • Wandoan Photography Challenge, South East Queensland, late March – delighted to judge this great regional photography competition in 2019. I judged it from home rather than on the spot, but mention it here as it’s a great annual opportunity for photographers within a 100km radius of Wandoan to win very generous prize money and see their work recognised.
  • Australian International Airshow & Aerospace & Defence Exposition, Avalon Airport, Victoria; 1-3 March 2019 (away 28 Feb – 11 March); plus commercial photography in northern Victoria & Tasmania. Avalon Airshow is the most comprehensive air show in the southern hemisphere and 2019 included the drone showcase. I was invited to present an introduction to drones in agriculture session. I love aviation so enjoyed it immensely, & hope to return in 2021!
  • Tintern Old Girls Association – presentation at the AGM, along with fellow former boarder & now film producer, Fiona Eagger. 6 March.
  • Late January to early February – floods in Townsville; interrupted postal and other services, apologies for delays.
  • Austrade lunch, Brisbane – away 30 January.
  • Commercial photography, Top End (NT) & Kimberley (WA); away 11 January until 21 January.


  • Previous events give a good indication of the diversity and what might be on in future. If you’d like to see a listing of the main 2016-2018 events, visit the Previous Events page.
  • Some comments from workshop attendees can be found on the Comments from participants page.


  • Late December to late January – shorter public hours are worked in order to catch up on the busy year that’s just finished, and new one ahead.
  • February – tropical Australia’s highest rainfall month; it’s the height of the wet season and it’s not unusual for business to be interrupted by heavy rain or a cyclone.  Work continues but I rarely commit to travelling away between the last week of January and mid March because of this. Sometimes there’s interruptions to our power supply and postal, phone and internet services.
  • Public holidays – I often work on public holidays & weekends but in order to complete work on these days, phonecalls are usually not taken (but emails often answered).


  • When I’m in the office, email is best for 24/7 enquiries (or ring [07] 4728 4922).
  • When travelling, social media is the best way to start the conversation, especially if your enquiry is urgent.
  • Sometimes I do not have access to any networks, but your message will be responded to as soon as possible.

Fiona Lake – social media account contact options:

  • Twitter & LinkedIn: the fastest way to get a message to me when I’m travelling.
  • Facebook & Instagram: I use these less often, but endeavour to check daily.
  • Email:  When I’m in the office this is the best way to enquire.
  • Landline phone:  If my office absence is longer than 2 weeks please don’t leave phone messages as Messagebank automatically deletes messages older than 14 days – and they can’t be retrieved.


  • If you haven’t received a reply within a couple of days of the travel return date specified above, don’t hesitate to send a reminder message.
  • If ordering a special-event gift, please order well in advance to ensure timely delivery.
  • Apologies for any inconvenience caused by office absences.  Ideally I’d have a bevvy of slaves, but alas not.

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