No Daylight Saving in northern Australia

Daylight saving is not wanted by people who live in northern Australia because during our lengthy summer people are pleased to see the sun go down so the temperature drops (at least slightly).  Most northerners take the view that if people want to get up earlier, then they should simply get up earlier – why is it necessary to adjust the hands on a clock and inflict their choice on the whole population?

How Australia runs is often compared to other countries.  But how many Australians know that the U.S. has four mainland time zones and that Arizona, a hot, sunny state in southern U.S.A., does not have daylight saving?  I find it odd that I’ve never heard anyone  ever mention it in Australia, when the topic is raised.  I only found out that Arizona doesn’t have daylight saving when researching time zones for advertisements run in the U.S. media.  We don’t want daylight saving introduced into north Queensland for exactly the same reason as Arizona residents don’t want it.  (nor do America islands in the Pacific, such as Hawaii and American Samoa, observe daylight saving).

Any Queensland government that suggests wasting time and money running yet another referendum to check whether the majority of Queenslanders wants daylight saving, or even dares to consider totally idiotic (impractical and expensive) suggestions such as split time zones for Queensland, will just fan the flames of those who want a separate state for north Queensland.