North Queensland Farmer’s Market – Graham Phillips interview

After much trial and terror I’ve made a few videos and finally have the first uploaded onto YouTube.  Sarah Gayton is the driving force behind the UK’s “Farmers On Film” project and she has been prodding us to get busy.  When our Quadrant farm tour group meets Sarah in England in September I must have something to show her!   I’m used to interviewing for magazine articles and taking still images, but interviewing while filming is something else again.  So it goes without saying that my technique can most charitably be described as needing much improvement.  However what farmer Graham Phillips has to say is interesting.  For example, prior to selling through the North Queensland Farmer’s Market just 45 minutes drive from their farm, all their produce had to travel around 2-3,000 kilometres to reach wholesale fruit and vegetable markets.

See the video interview of Graham Phillips here on YouTube.

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