Queensland Drone Photography Masterclass

The only two day drone photography masterclass scheduled for 2021!

  • 13-14 November 2021
  • Wandoan, Southern Queensland (an interesting 4 hour drive north west of Brisbane, bitumen all the way)
  • Hosted by the Wandoan Arts Council & partly funded by MPC Kinetic
  • Smoko and lunch included
  • Make a Drone Photography Masterclass booking
Rural Drone Academy
Rural Drone Academy training covers the A to Z of everything a drone pilot needs to know in order to fly safely, productively and enjoyably. Drone photography workshops are based on a wealth of drone, small business and professional aerial photography experience. Each workshop is unique.

What does the Wandoan Drone Photography Masterclass include?

Global standard information:

  1. Drone operation: all the fundamentals that a drone pilot needs to know to fly safely, productively and enjoyably
  2. Aerial photography & cinematography: from essential photography principles, how aerial photography differs from ground photography, through to a multitude of advanced tips
  3. Additional topics: tweaked on the spot according to the specific interests of each group of participants. For example selling images, copyright protection, social media tips.

The style is interactive. Questions are encouraged throughout and sharing stories helps make discussions memorable. There’s always a lot of laughter while learning. Illustrated with image examples taken by Fiona Lake across Australia.

If you’d like in-depth detail on the topics covered, visit the Rural Drone Academy blog post

Also – dinner on Saturday night at the Juandah Hotel, for anyone who’d like to continue conversations of a meal, mid-workshop (dinner cost paid separately by individuals – not included in the workshop cost).

Drone Photography Masterclasses are suited to:

Age range:

  • From late secondary school upwards. There is no upper limit and it’s common to have a 5-6 decade spread in age and this diversity makes workshops more interesting.
  • Under 16s must be accompanied by a parent (contact Fiona Lake if you have any queries)


  • Commercial and recreational drone operators

Drone & photography experience:

  • All skill levels of drone pilots and photographers.
  • But how does that vast range of experience work? It is common to have photographers present who haven’t touched a drone before, and experienced drone operators who have no photography knowledge. At every workshop, every participant already knows something. And there’s also big gaps in their knowledge. There’s plenty for everyone to learn – including licenced drone pilots and professional photographers.
  • Participants are encourage to bring all their drone gear to the workshop however it’s absolutely not essential to own a drone or have one present.
Fiona Lake, Night Flight training in Las Vegas, USA. Drone night training is one of the essential requirements in order to safely and legally fly a drone at night (in addition to a licence). As well as many hours of drone flying, Fiona Lake has undertaken drone training & education in different parts of Australia and in other countries.

About the drone workshop presenter, Fiona Lake:

  • Professional aerial photographer for more than 30 years and flown drones in every Australian state & territory
  • 2021 – Industry Award for Education & Safety from Australia’s largest drone organisation – AAUS
  • Multi-award winning photography – eg 2020 Winner of the International Federation of Agricultural Journalist’s ‘Star Prize for Photography’ (more than 50 member countries; and entries from five continents)
  • Repeat invitations to deliver presentations at the world’s largest drone events on four continents and to date, drone presentations in every state & territory except Western Australia
  • Fully CASA licenced & certified drone pilot (one of few Australian women, and one of the few licenced drone pilots in northern Australia)
  • Publisher of three best-selling photography books, sent to purchasers all over the world
  • Solo photography exhibitions in a range of locations, from Sydney’s Bondi Pavilion and the Australian Stockman’s Hall of Fame in Longreach to Australia’s Embassy to the US, in Washington DC. Exhibition openers include Michael Jeffery, 24th Governor General of Australia, and Joe Hockey, Australian Ambassador to the US.
  • Judge of many awards – international, national, industry specific and local. Including the Wandoan Photo Challenge, in 2020 and 2019

Booking into the Wandoan Drone Photography Masterclass:

Cost: $200 per participant, fully catered (lunch & smoko). (Low cost due to generous sponsorship received.) (Optional dinner on Saturday night is not included in the workshop cost.)

Booking deadline: 6 November (but attendance numbers are limited so early booking recommended to avoid disappointment)

Make a booking: Drone photography masterclass booking (link to “Try Booking” website)

More information:

I love two day photography workshops as it enables us to get into a level of detail that just isn’t possible during a short event.

It is usual for some participants to travel long distances in order to attend (driving more than 1,000km in the one direction is not uncommon). So when bookings open it’s best not to delay securing your spot, as there is no other two day photography workshop on the calendar.

Please note that bookings are essential and that no walk-ins will be accepted, due to catering being arranged in advance. In the unlikely event that the workshop had to be cancelled due to Covid19, booking fees would be refunded according to how much of the workshop had been run. IE – if the workshop hadn’t commenced, 100% of the attendance fee would be refunded to participants; if one day had run, then 50%).

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