Starting Work on Australian cattle stations

Anyone looking for work on an Australian cattle station, or about to start work, would find this long list of information from Jumbuck Pastoral Company very useful.

The list covers a whole range of useful information for new employees on cattle stations, such as: hours of work and the reasons for the need for flexibility; the importance of observation, punctuality, reliability, personal responsibility and asking questions; duties such as water runs and mustering; money/wages and promotional opportunities; personal items such as clothing (work and RM Williams gear is purchasable at a good discount through the station store accounts) motorbike helmets, toiletries, mozzy nets and bedding (including the fact that swags will usually be charged excess baggage rates by airlines) and other personal items such as torches; fuel availability plus television, internet, mobile phone and landline telephone availability and social activities.

Anything can be purchased from a cattle station no matter how remote but it is of course much easier to start a new job in the bush with the basics of everything you need.