‘Whispering Grass’ exhibition: Australia’s Washington D.C. Embassy

‘Whispering Grass – Stories from Australia’s Outback Cattle Stations’ was an exhibition of more than 30 of the best photographs I’ve taken on Australia’s largest and most famous cattle stations since 1984.

The oldest photographs in the exhibition dated back to the early 1980s – when timber yards, cattle with horns and working windmills were common and women in stockcamps were rare.  There was dusty mustering action, evening stockcamp images and vast landscapes included.  Some of the exhibition photographs have been included amongst the 800+ in my three books, however other photos are unpublished.

These outback photographs were taken from the back of borrowed stockhorses, while bouncing around in bullcatchers, and from helicopters as well as by drone. The stations included are located across Australia’s vast rangelands, stretching more than 3,000km east to west and 2,000 north to south. Regions included are: Queensland’s remote Cape York Peninsula and Gulf of Carpentaria, plus the iconic Channel Country. The Northern Territory’s famed Barkly Tableland, Red Centre & Victoria River District; South Australia’s historic Birdsville Track region and Western Australia’s spectacular Kimberley.

The exhibition ran from 1 March until 9 June 2018.

Exhibition opening night on 6 March 2018

The ‘Whispering Grass’ exhibition was opened by Australia’s Ambassador to the US, Joe Hockey.

Photographs taken on the opening night can be seen on the ‘Previous Exhibitions’ website page.

Fiona Lake’s exhibition was opened by Joe Hockey, Australia’s Ambassador to the US. More images can be seen on the ‘Previous Exhibitions’ website page. (Image supplied by the Australian Embassy.)

Capitol Hill, Washington D.C. (mobile phone image). America’s capital is a very photogenic city, full of historic buildings.

And – the plane from L.A. to Washington flies over Arizona’s spectacular canyon country!  As always, I take photographs the whole time I’m visiting.

(Some of the best travel photographs taken with my phone end up on my social media accounts – as well as being used in photography & travel workshops.)

Mobile phone view from more than 30,000 feet up; near America’s Grand Canyon (flying from Washington to L.A.)  I can’t understand why I’m often the only one on the plane who is taking photographs out the window. So many miss so much!



March – June 2018

Embassy of Australia

Massachusetts Avenue NW

Washington D.C.

Opened by Australia’s Ambassador to the US, Joe Hockey

Information on Fiona Lake’s photography exhibition, on the Embassy of Australia’s website, in Washington D.C.


PS: It’s only a short walk from the Australian Embassy in Washington D.C. (on the left – see the arrow) the White House (on the right). The Washington Memorial is on the far right, with Capitol Hill behind it. (Mobile phone image – great views from planes to & from Reagan airport).


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And if you can’t make it to an exhibition or want to see more images, you may like to purchase a book. There are more than 800 images in my three books.