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PLEASE NOTE:  I'm often travelling & unable to check messages. The Business Operating Hours blog post lists dates away & where you might catch up with me in person. Please ring (during business hours) if your enquiry is urgent & don't hesitate to throw a reminder rock my way; it's a one-person show & sometimes I'm swamped.

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I have a simple ‘do unto others’ common sense Privacy Policy. In summary: your contact details are treated with respect and kept confidential.


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Since 2003 this website has received a lot of animal rights activist abuse and computer-generated spam. To counter this:

  • Data entry boxes with an asterisk (*) must be filled in. I prefer to converse with identifiable people, as if we were talking in person. This is a personal business not a sausage factory.
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All customers are very much appreciated - book buyers, workshop attendees, tour guests & image purchasers - because you have helped the ongoing recording of life in the Australian bush.  Without you, the rural advocacy work I do would not be possible.  You've helped record history, for future generations.

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