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You've already seen the images on the website header (above) and formed an opinion.

Our brains can extract meaning from an image in less than half a second.

Without us even being aware of it.

Whereas it takes us many seconds, or minutes, to read words.

First impressions are what count the most and they are extremely hard to alter.


Make sure the images you use make the impression you want.

My speciality isn't just bowling up with professional equipment and doing a good job of photographing whatever is in front of me.

It's figuring out exactly what will do the best job of achieving your specific aims.

I have supplied many of Australia's largest agribusinesses with images for commercial use, and my outback and agricultural photographs have been published in many newspapers and national magazines.

I can supply rural marketing images from my archives, or take images specifically for your purpose (commission work).

A unique feature of my business is my ability to provide reliable advice regarding which particular images are best suited to your specific purpose - taking into account your:

  1. Target market
  2. Specific aims
  3. Budget

This personally tailored and confidential advice is based on several decades of hands-on agricultural and rural marketing experience, across Australia.

The Rural Advertising Hall of Shame is full of marketers who neglected to seek the advice of a professional with hands-on experience in the specific industry and region targeted.  I've seen more advertising fails than I could poke a stick at. These range from images featuring poorly bred cattle to serious weeds and bad land management practices.  An expensive club you do not want to become a member of.

Some commercial photography clients:

  • Meat & Livestock Australia
  • Ausveg
  • Dairy Australia
  • Queensland Department of Agriculture & Fisheries
  • JBS Australia
  • Canegrowers
  • OBE Organic
  • RM Williams Outback magazine

Summary of commercial photography service features:

  • Able to travel to remote outback areas, sometimes at very short notice (1 day to assemble & pack photography equipment into the car)
  • Used to operating self-sufficiently and efficiently in very remote areas (which requires a degree of preparation & organisation most photographers are completely unfamiliar with)
  • Aerial images can be taken from a plane, helicopter or drone (UAV / RPA). I have nearly 30 years of aerial photography experience, and have a Remote Pilot Licence (issued by CASA) plus insurance. More specific info on the Drone Photography page.
  • Promotional short videos and still images can be posted on social media while doing commission work, if desired
  • Captions and/or stories can be written to accompany images
  • Knowledge of the most likely locations to suit your purpose, and an extensive network of personal rural contacts across Australia; from Cape York west to Broome and south to Melbourne. Vital for the latest news regarding regional season variations. (Brilliant photography requires spot-on timing. If you're at the wrong place or the right place at the wrong time, obtaining the best images is impossible, though the expenditure is the same.)
  • Experience-based advice provided on what images will do the best job of achieving your specific aims (& what won't work)
  • The cost of using rural images on file ranges from $200 per image for bulk orders, to several thousand dollars for the rarest images
  • Commission photography jobs are based on a day rate for all time required, plus direct costs. Commission photography work is quoted on individually - taking into account the time and travel involved.

My rural photographs have been used for these purposes:

  • Office wall murals (3 examples on this page)
  • Film (movie) prospectuses
  • Company float prospectuses & annual reports
  • Websites
  • Social media campaigns
  • Billboards & banners
  • Tourism & Event promotion
  • Print & digital advertisements
  • Powerpoint presentations
  • Book covers (novels)
  • Promotional merchandise
  • Packaging material
  • Newspaper editorials
  • Magazine stories

Ring me on (07) 4728 4922 if you have a project you'd like to dicusss. Or send me an email.

Please note: when I'm away the office is closed and contacting me then is rarely instant, due to the remoteness of the regions I travel to.  Office closure dates & times can be checked on this blog page along with the best way to contact me when away.

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