Australian Agricultural & Outback Drone Photography

Aerial photography can be spectacular - whether taken from a drone, helicopter or fixed wing aircraft.

To obtain the best possible results and avoid wasting your time & money

it's vital to ensure the job is done right - the first time.

Engage a professional photographer & fully licenced drone pilot

~ with a long track record of reliably & efficiently delivering the type of images you require ~

Stock image library - or commission specific photographs?

I may have the perfect image for your purpose already on file.  To date, I have collected aerial images in every Australian state and territory except Tasmania and photographed a huge range of regions and rural industries (sheep, cattle, graingrowing, horticulture, orchards; as well as landscape & tourism images).

Explain what you are looking for and I can send you a Dropbox link to view suitable images (stock image library images are not online as most of my customers are seeking quality images that are not already in the public domain).

Or you can arrange for me to take specific images or videos for you, anywhere in Australia.

Why choose me to take your photographs & videos?

Experience - Professional Aerial Photography PLUS Australian agriculture:

  • Fully licenced drone pilot (CASA certified: ReOC, RePL, AROC, night certified) and fully insured.
  • More than 70 hours of drone operation experience in several states.
  • 30 years of professional aerial photography experience. This means I don't just grab the easy shots.  It's my job to turn sow's ears into silk purses and get you a range of great images to choose from.  Quality aerial photography & videography requires a much higher level of skill than ground photography.
  • A lifetime of uncommonly varied agricultural experience - thus able to ensure the best livestock, plants and infrastructure feature in the images and flaws are avoided or minimised. I have lived & worked on a vast range of farming and livestock enterprises from far southern to far northern Australia. Engaging a photographer lacking sound rural photography experience can be disastrous as there's no knowledge regarding what must be avoided. The 'pretty' greenery featuring front & centre may be the only blackberry bush on the place, and the dish-faced cow up the front might be the only dehorning mishap in the whole mob of 1,000 polls.  If you don't ensure your photographer has genuine agricultural knowledge plus an unrelenting eye for detail, you could end up with a stack of costly lemons.
  • A great network of agricultural contacts that stretches across industries and all Australian states.

Other reasons for arranging for me to take your photographs:

  • Urgent photography jobs - I'm often able to travel at short notice - so rush jobs can be completed within a few days.
  • Cost effective - I regularly travel across Australia by plane & by car.  If I'm already in your area, there's minimal travel costs involved.
  • Based in Townsville - Just 1 hour's drive: south to the Burdekin irrigation area, west to outback cattle stations and north to the exceptionally diverse wet tropics farming region.
  • Experience dealing with weather & atmosphere-related challenges which vary greatly between Australia's far south and far north. This is essential knowledge for top-drawer aerial photographs.
  • A scrupulous eye for detail. Vital for aerial photography, as every landscape flaw is on show. An overhead view is like shining a fluoro light on somebody's face.
  • Advice and options tailored specifically to suit you.  Including whether drone, helicopter or fixed wing photography will deliver the results you need (there are pros and cons of each) .
  • Money-back guarantee of satisfaction (enquire, for details).

If you want the best quality & most effective aerial photography:

  • Choose someone who is a photographer first and foremost and a drone pilot second, not the other way around. It isn't hard to fly current model drones and chance a few basic photos when conditions are perfect. But obtaining a useful diversity of professional-quality aerial images is challenging, especially when conditions are difficult. It requires experience. In this climate of increasing competition for eyeballs, why settle for mundane - when you could have fantastic?
  • Most drone owners have set up businesses to get paid to do what they love - which is flying drones - not photography. Many have great drone technical skills - but little or no photography, livestock or farming management experience. Which means they don't understand vital fundamentals - from how to use filters effectively to safe storage of images.  Avoid like the plague, or risk disappointment.

How to proceed?

  1. We have a confidential discussion regarding exactly what you want the photographs to do for you.  The more thoroughly I understand your aims, the better the resulting images.
  2. I provide sample images in a Dropbox folder, if have have suitable work on file. Or I write up a quote to take photographs especially for you, which includes travel at cost, plus an estimate of my time.

Contact me to get the ball rolling.

Visit the rural Advertising and Editorial Images page for general information on obtaining rural marketing photos via commission, or my archive.

Like to see more examples of my Australian drone photography?

Several examples of my aerial photographs are included in the website header above and many of the 800+ photos included in my books were taken from planes and helicopters. More examples of drone (U.A.V. / RPAS) photos and videos are available for prospective customers to view. 

Note:  Apart from the website header images and aerial photographs, most photographs on my website and social media pages have been taken on mobile phones, for illustrative purposes only. Images taken with professional camera equipment are used in books and available for marketing & editorial purposes. The quantity of photographs put online is minimal because many commercial users prefer images that haven't been seen by the public, and because online images are often copied without permission.

Contact me if you have a project you would like to discuss and books can be purchased below: 

Questions I'm frequently asked about drone photography are answered on this blog page.

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