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Rural Workshops, Webinars and Presentations

Via training sessions, workshops, webinars and public speaking engagements, I pass on a wealth of knowledge, experience and personal stories gained over several decades of running a unique business and roaming across thousands of kilometres. Workshop content is original, because most of what I've learnt has been via 'trial & terror'. There hasn't been anyone to emulate or mentors to seek advice from - I've cut my own track.

Participants are encouraged to ask questions and explain their own views, and we always have a good laugh as well as learn.

The following 3 pages contain detailed information on the rural workshops, webinars and presentations I provide:

a)  Previous Workshops & Participant Comments

b)  Workshop Topics

c)  Corporate Agribusiness Workshops & Presentations

My business commenced in remote areas - when living more than 100km from the nearest small towns; where independent problem-solving becomes second nature. The focus on rural and remote topics has been constant. Workshop and presentation information emphasises topics relating to farming and regional/rural life as this is my particular field of expertise but I also run general-interest workshops and presentations as the same principles apply.

Locations covered:

I specialise in rural/regional Australia and especially enjoy bringing presentations to the remotest regions. However the principals discussed in workshops apply globally.

One-on-one consultations:

I can also provide one-on-one consultations; either in person in North Queensland, or your local town or city if I am travelling through your area.  We can discuss relevant subjects in the list of workshop topics plus anything else of interest.  Photography portfolio and website, blog and social media account assessments are also available (including via digital means, not just in-person; as well as hands-on drone flight experience).

Runs on the board:

  • Many workshops, webinars and keynote presentations to date; at a wide variety of events.
  • Licenced drone pilot with many hours of experience in a wide range of farm industries, across 5 states.
  • Numerous photographs that have won high-profile awards over many years
  • 2017: Qld Rural Press Club 'rural social media' & QRRRWN 'Rural, Regional & Remote Storyteller' award winner
  • Thousands of books sold (& sent worldwide)
  • Advertising image use sold to many of Australia's largest rural businesses
  • This website dates back to 2003 and still achieves a first page ranking for many very competitive search terms.
  • Many articles in national newspapers and magazines
  • More than 30 Australian radio interviews to date, plus 4 in the UK.

Don't hesitate to contact me if you have any queries. Examples of my photographs can be seen on the website header above, as well as in the books (below).

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