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Corporate Agribusiness Workshops & Presentations

If your business or organisation would benefit from having staff producing powerful industry-related images with absolutely no risk of negative impacts, then you have a lot to gain from engaging me to run a rural photography and/or social media workshop for you.

Because I don't just run through textbook techniques anyone can pick up from Google.  I help refine aims, navigate a minefield of potential errors and help people decide which publication platform (conventional or digital media) would best suit their purposes.  Based on solid hands-on experience. We share stories and have a good laugh along the way, so it is enjoyable and memorable.  Skills are lifted up to another level and participants are left feeling more confident and sufficiently inspired to put new knowledge into practice.  And anyone who started out overconfident or careless, learns to be more thoughtful and cautious.  At present most are learning by jumping in boots first - and learning by making mistakes publicly isn't good, from anyone's point of view.

Right now, the agribusiness sector is rife with missed opportunities. 

The most powerful marketing is created by individuals on the ground - so ensure it's done well, not disastrously.

Workshops are carefully tailored to suit each specific group - providing information that is directly relevant to the industry and/or region; plus practical examples of what does and doesn't work.  Participants gain the technical skills to raise standards immediately, and plenty of inspiration - to ensure action.

I have a vision in which everyone involved in agribusiness has had some training to learn how to produce the most productive images, and avoid the many pitfalls. Smartphones are incredibly powerful tools and the current lack of photography and media training is akin to someone having access to a gun and bullets without having received any safety instructions.  Damage is easy, instant and not necessarily fixable. Images can be sent around the globe in nanoseconds and bad news travels faster and far wider than good news.

Grant assistance for workshops may be available:

Grant assistance may be available via ag-related or digital upskilling programmes and state government regional arts development programmes. For example, the Regional Arts Development Fund in Queensland.  Local councils can assist with information, eg many have a 'cultural development officer' whose job it is to foster creative activities in the local community, or an employee with great knowledge on general grant assistance programmes for regional businesses.  I am on my local RADF committee and have received several RADF grants over the years, so I can help with application queries.

Further information on rural worksops and presentations:

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