Previous Presentations & Comments

I receive a lot of verbal feedback and sometimes via written surveys - some quotes are below.

If you are an event organiser and would like to speak with the manager of a previous event I've presented at, don't hesitate to ask.

Some comments from a Townsville drone workshop:

'Had a very informative day - all interesting, you covered a broad range.' Jane Lethbridge (Charters Towers, North Qld)

'It was a great overview of drone use. And its uses in photography. Good display of drones & books.' Michael Burry (Townsville, Nth Qld)

'Useful tips about how to store batteries. Surprised about storing batteries at 50% charge. I also really like the tips about what 'extras' to buy & what not to bother with.' Nyssa Currin, (Julia Creek, NW Qld)

'Very useful to go through the types of drones and the app go-through.' Deanne Fowke (Townsville, Nth Qld)

'Found the explanations of the nuts and bolts of the software most useful. A good starter pack for novices. Good advice to learn to fly the drone manually.' Jacqueline Curley (Cloncurry, NW Qld)

Re-occurring themes in workshop participant comments relate to:

  • Thought provoking points made
  • Feeling welcome to ask questions 
  • Users gaining confidence
  • Learning something useful that they're looking forward to putting into practice
  • Feeling inspired.

Comments from previous workshop participants, on a variety of topics:

What did you like the most?

  • 'Interactivity'
  • 'Great deal of knowledge & experience given out'
  • 'Listening to Fiona's stories'
  • 'Good examples'
  • 'Practical tips'
  • 'Learning to be confident with what I already know'
  • 'Interesting to hear Fiona's thoughts'
  • 'Making sure your photos aren't misinterpreted'
  • 'The self-made, personalised parts - to relate to Fiona's journey'
  • 'How to use mobile phones better - what to set phone cameras to, to get what's required in a photo'
  • 'Learning about settings for phones, never knew you could change them'
  • 'The emphasis on making better use of a phone'
  • 'Loved talking about how the camera works'
  • 'Informal questions & answers'
  • 'All of it'
  • 'Very clear & entertaining - easy, relaxed way it was presented'
  • 'Very approachable'

What did you most dislike?

  • 'Could have had a longer workshop'
  • 'Needed a little more time'
  • 'Would have loved more time'

How did this workshop make you feel?

  • 'Very welcome & comfortable'
  • 'Ready to give it a go'
  • 'More prepared'
  • 'Curious'
  • 'Excited by potential'
  • 'Positive - ready to finish my website'
  • 'Inspired'
  • 'Great, looking forward to trying it out'
  • 'Confident to have a go'
  • 'More confident in my own knowledge and also excited to keep learning'

Some of the workshops, webinars and other presentations I have delivered:

My first public speaking engagements began in the 1990s - opening photography exhibitions.

Examples of presentations:

  • 'Sorting fact from ficton - agricultural drone use across Australian agriculture', Commercial UAV Expo Europe (Amststerdam, The Netherlands)
  • 'Drone mythbusting - & how to put them to work, on farms & stations', Pooncarie Field Day (Far Western NSW)
  • 'Introduction to drones in agriculture', Avalon Airshow (Geelong, Victoria)
  • 'Drones, sorting fact from fiction - and predictions' & 'Thinking outside the box - to boost ag tech adoption', ANZ Smart Farms & Ag Tech conference (Sydney, NSW)
  • 'Maximising still photography results' & 'Aerial photography tips & tricks', Interdrone (Las Vegas, USA)
  • 'Putting ag drones to work', Outback Aerodrone (Barcaldine, Central Western Queensland)
  • 'Putting drones to work on farms & cattle stations', Injune (Central Queensland)
  • 'Drones, are they the future? And can they help?' & 'Social media - the do's & dont's' (AgForce & Northern Gulf Resource Management Group forum, Mt Surprise)
  • 'Are drones useful' presentation at the 'Your produce, my plate, our future' forum (Laura, Cape York Peninsula)
  • 'Drones in agriculture' & 'Mobile phone photography' workshops at the annual Victorian Rural Women's Conference; (Rosebud, Mornington Peninsula)
  • 'Telling your story & getting it right'; Farmer Meets Foodie Forum, Far North Queensland (Mareeba); National Ag Day celebration.
  • 'Best practice live export industry advocating/storytelling'; Agforce & Australian Livestock Exporters Council (ALEC), North Queensland (Townsville).
  • QRRRWN & NSW Rural Women's gathering workshops, 'How to get the best results from your mobile phone camera'
  • 'Drones in agriculture', 'Mobile phone photography' & 'Effective rural social media use' workshops; Agforce, Queensland (Charleville & Malanda).
  • 'Photography with a purpose'; full day workshop in Mannahill, for members of RICE (Remote and Isolated Childrens Exercise; a support group for remote South Australian children and families).
  • 'Rural travel around the planet - without costing the earth' and 'Make photography work for you'; 2 hour workshops at the NSW Rural Women's gathering in Broken Hill & Narrandera; 1 hour workshops at the Qld Rural, Regional and Remote Women's Network conference in Roma & Emerald.
  • 'Tune into your story - the art of storytelling'; workshop panel, with Rebecca Cadzow and Mandy Taylor, at the Australian Women in Agriculture Conference in Alice Springs.
  • 'Making Twitter work for you'; 50 minute workshop at the International Rural Women's conference in Adelaide.
  • Photography 2-hour workshops for schoolchildren (through local councils), North Queensland.
  • 'Running a heritage photography competition'; full day workshop, with the Friends of 'The World' Gallery and Theatre in Charters Towers. Drew up a draft competition entry form, guidelines, terms and conditions etc.  Plus two photography workshops.

Examples of rural webinars:

  • 'Make Twitter work for you'1 hour webinar, for the Queensland Rural, Regional and Remote Women's Network.
  • 'Social media - using Twitter'; 1 hour webinar, for the National Rural Women's Coalition.

Examples of conference and dinner speaking & other public speaking:

To date, invited to speak on drones at major conferences in 4 continents (Europe, China and North America, as well as Australia)

  • Numerous exhibition opening addresses (across Australia & in the Embassy of Australia in Washington D.C.)
  • Primary & secondary school student groups - one hour talk on Australia, featuring outback cattle stations; mentioning job opportunities & the importance of food production (Washington D.C., USA)
  • Embassy staff & partners; one hour exhibition floor talk (Washington D.C., USA)
  • 'Drones in agriculture' keynote address for Agforce Queensland, at the 'Managing Risk, Securing the Future' forum in Malanda (Atherton Tablelands, Queensland).
  • Australian Women in Agriculture (AWiA) inaugural Queensland event in Toowoomba, keynote speaker.
  • Remote & Isolation Children's Exercise (RICE) 40th anniversary dinner keynote speaker, Port Augusta (South Australia).
  • Julia Creek Rural Women's Day (run by McKinlay Shire Council, western Queensland).
  • Farmers on Film conference (run by Sarah Gayton, Nantwich, United Kingdom).
  • 'Women in Business and Industry' conference at the triennial Beef Expo in Rockhampton, Queensland (facilitated by QRWN).
  • Also - speaking engagements at camera clubs (various).

Upcoming event details can be found on the 'next events' website page, as well as dates & locations of previous events.

Please contact me if you'd like more information on the keynotes, workshops & webinars I can undertake. 

There's also more information on these pages:  Rural workshop, webinar & presentation subjects & Corporate agribusiness workshops & presentations.

I have tens of thousands of photographs and some are specially selected to illustrate points being made in presentations. And more than 800 cattle station photographs can be seen in the 3 books:

Comments from book buyers around Australia and from other countries can be seen on the Testimonials page.

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