Workshops - comments from participants

After workshops and other presentations I receive a lot of verbal feedback, and sometimes via written surveys. Some quotes are below.

If you are an event organiser and would like to speak with the host of a previous event I've presented at, don't hesitate to ask.

Some Rural Drone Academy training participant comments, 2018 to date:

'The accessibility of the info made it easy to interact. And so much detail - you're a fantastic resource, thanks for sharing your knowledge. The dept of the info provided - batteries, filing, etc. Loved the comment about becoming a great ground photographer first. Technical, theoretical and practical.' Ruth Redfern (Narrabri, NSW)

'A great general overview of drone operation including storage, cleaning, regulation and operation.' Lauran Gilligan (Quilpie, SW Qld)

'I enjoyed finding out the varying applications of drone use in ag, various types & suitable models. And the dangers with batteries was news to me.' Jane Hayes, ('The Garden', Alice Springs, NT)

'Had a very informative day - all interesting, you covered a broad range.' Jane Lethbridge (Charters Towers, North Qld)

''The number of laws relating to drones was surprising. The information about different drones & their capabilities & applications enables me to make a better choice targetting my individual needs. I'd definitely recommend this workshop to others. It introduced me to ideas I hadn't realised/thought of. I thought it was well thought out and presented.' Rhonda Villiger (Mount Riddock Station, NT) 

'Very good - learned so much, hope I remember it all!' Toby Ross, Quilpie (SW Qld)

'Fiona presented in a clear, informative, relaxing way. Very useful general overview of getting started and some of the pitfalls.' Billy Winks (Bollon, southern Qld)

'Very good presentation style/understood audience need for information and delivered a depth of drone industry information - so many ways to use them. Most useful to learn about drones from the ground up - safety/regulations/practical uses for agriculture.' Ian Golding (Katherine, NT)

'Loved it! Very informative and eye-opening. Lots of useful, in depth information on drones themselves and useful applications.' Shannon Koch (Hebel, southern Qld)

'Very informative instructor. Good understanding the rules & most useful to learn you can get an ipad holder for the controller, and understand the managemend of your batteries.' Tom Brodie (Winton, NW Qld)

'Most useful - what drones gave more bang for buck and maintenance tips. Many years of knowledge rolled into 1 day.' Steven Cadzow (Mount Riddock Station, Alice Springs NT)

'Very informative and geared towards the real world. Good to hear the different ideas for use in ag and realistic limitations.' Robert Bulley (Cloncurry, NW Qld)

'A great overview with interesting examples. Useful information on regulations and resources.' Dick Bucknell (Dirranbandi, southern Qld)

'It was a great overview of drone use. And its uses in photography. Good display of drones & books.' Michael Burry (Townsville, Nth Qld)

'Good information about the prices and what drone to select for a particular task. And the broad range of application. Surprised about battery fires.' James Wilson (Collarenebri, NSW)

'Useful tips about how to store batteries. Surprised about storing batteries at 50% charge. I also really like the tips about what 'extra's to buy & what not to bother with.' Nyssa Currin (Julia Creek, NQ Qld)

'Very informative and well directed at the audience. Good to know you don't need a very expensive drone to make it useful.' Anna Gook (Huckitta Station, NT)

'A good introduction, useful as well for drone owners/photographers.' Helena Salmon, Quilpie (SW Qld)

'I thought the controls would be much harder. Good to learn the rules & regulations. I'd recommend it to others because it was tailored to suit the audience.' Helen Kempe (Mount Riddock Station, NT)

'Very useful to go through the types of drones and the app go-through.' Deanne Fowke (Townsville, Nth Qld)

'Very informative, wealth of knowledge,' Adam Witt (Quilpie, SW Qld)

'Good to learn about lots of things that could help your business in the future/today. What is out there on the market that I think I will pay for. Surprised that a high end drone can replace a bike.' Alastair Wilson (Collarenebri, NSW)

'Had never thought about launching from a boat and therefore not having a stationery 'home' for the drone to land. Objective, experienced, applied info.' Gina Mace (Thallon, southern Qld)

'Found the explanations of the nuts and bolts of the software most useful. A good starter pack for novices. Good advice to learn to fly the drone manually.' Jacqueline Curley (Cloncurry, NW Qld)

'A good way to introduce drone info to new users,' Roger Volz (Quilpie, SW Qld)

'I only knew very basic stuff in relation to operating my drone, so learned a lot from the operational side of the workshop - how complex the rules and regulations are when flying and what's involved.' Jed Vinson (Brisbane, Queensland)

'It was a workshop for beginners and it really was, it explained about drones in a way that I who have never used one could understand. And a great explanation about different uses etc. All the different uses in all sorts of workplaces, very interesting. A great workshop if you are considering buying a drone and have no or very little knowledge about them.' Paula Hetherington (St George, southern Qld)

'Good overview of drone workings and the rules/regulations. More to it than people realise.' Diane Pain (Toowoomba, SE Queensland)

'Found it useful from start to finish. Helped reveal a few myths and that you don't always get what you pay for.' Andrew Ferguson (Dirranbandi, southern Qld)

'A great way to learn how to use one properly; tips and tricks to help clients. I didn't know about the laws.' Emily Baretta (Cloncurry, NW Qld)

'Such great, practical advice with many examples. A huge range of info in it - could be a 4 day workshop. Was great as-is. Fantastic weekend, thank you.' Jo Pegler (Euromanga, SW Qld)

Social Media, DSLR and mobile phone photography workshop participant comments frequently mention:

  • Thought provoking points made
  • Feeling welcome to ask questions 
  • Users gaining confidence
  • Learning something useful that they're looking forward to putting into practice
  • Feeling inspired.

What did you like the most?

  • 'Interactivity'
  • 'Great deal of knowledge & experience given out'
  • 'Listening to Fiona's stories'
  • 'Good examples'
  • 'Practical tips'
  • 'Learning to be confident with what I already know'
  • 'Interesting to hear Fiona's thoughts'
  • 'Making sure your photos aren't misinterpreted'
  • 'The self-made, personalised parts - to relate to Fiona's journey'
  • 'How to use mobile phones better - what to set phone cameras to, to get what's required in a photo'
  • 'Learning about settings for phones, never knew you could change them'
  • 'The emphasis on making better use of a phone'
  • 'Loved talking about how the camera works'
  • 'Informal questions & answers'
  • 'All of it'
  • 'Very clear & entertaining - easy, relaxed way it was presented'
  • 'Very approachable'

What did you most dislike?

  • 'Could have had a longer workshop'
  • 'Needed a little more time'
  • 'Would have loved more time'

How did this workshop make you feel?

  • 'Very welcome & comfortable'
  • 'Ready to give it a go'
  • 'More prepared'
  • 'Curious'
  • 'Excited by potential'
  • 'Positive - ready to finish my website'
  • 'Inspired'
  • 'Great, looking forward to trying it out'
  • 'Confident to have a go'
  • 'More confident in my own knowledge and also excited to keep learning'

Some of the workshops, webinars and other presentations I have delivered:

My first public speaking engagements began in the 1990s - opening photography exhibitions.

Examples of presentations:

  • 'Sorting fact from fiction - agricultural drone use across Australian agriculture', Commercial UAV Expo Europe (Amststerdam, The Netherlands)
  • 'Drone mythbusting - & how to put them to work, on farms & stations', Pooncarie Field Day (Far Western NSW)
  • 'Introduction to drones in agriculture', Avalon Airshow (Geelong, Victoria)
  • 'Drones, sorting fact from fiction - and predictions' & 'Thinking outside the box - to boost ag tech adoption', ANZ Smart Farms & Ag Tech conference (Sydney, NSW)
  • 'Maximising still photography results' & 'Aerial photography tips & tricks', Interdrone (Las Vegas, USA)
  • 'Putting ag drones to work', Outback Aerodrone (Barcaldine, Central Western Queensland)
  • 'Putting drones to work on farms & cattle stations', Injune (Central Queensland)
  • 'Drones, are they the future? And can they help?' & 'Social media - the do's & dont's' (AgForce & Northern Gulf Resource Management Group forum, Mt Surprise)
  • 'Are drones useful' presentation at the 'Your produce, my plate, our future' forum (Laura, Cape York Peninsula)
  • 'Drones in agriculture' & 'Mobile phone photography' workshops at the annual Victorian Rural Women's Conference; (Rosebud, Mornington Peninsula)
  • 'Telling your story & getting it right'; Farmer Meets Foodie Forum, Far North Queensland (Mareeba); National Ag Day celebration.
  • 'Best practice live export industry advocating/storytelling'; Agforce & Australian Livestock Exporters Council (ALEC), North Queensland (Townsville).
  • QRRRWN & NSW Rural Women's gathering workshops, 'How to get the best results from your mobile phone camera'
  • 'Drones in agriculture', 'Mobile phone photography' & 'Effective rural social media use' workshops; Agforce, Queensland (Charleville & Malanda).
  • 'Photography with a purpose'; full day workshop in Mannahill, for members of RICE (Remote and Isolated Childrens Exercise; a support group for remote South Australian children and families).
  • 'Rural travel around the planet - without costing the earth' and 'Make photography work for you'; 2 hour workshops at the NSW Rural Women's gathering in Broken Hill & Narrandera; 1 hour workshops at the Qld Rural, Regional and Remote Women's Network conference in Roma & Emerald.
  • 'Tune into your story - the art of storytelling'; workshop panel, with Rebecca Cadzow and Mandy Taylor, at the Australian Women in Agriculture Conference in Alice Springs.
  • 'Making Twitter work for you'; 50 minute workshop at the International Rural Women's conference in Adelaide.
  • Photography 2-hour workshops for schoolchildren (through local councils), North Queensland.
  • 'Running a heritage photography competition'; full day workshop, with the Friends of 'The World' Gallery and Theatre in Charters Towers. Drew up a draft competition entry form, guidelines, terms and conditions etc.  Plus two photography workshops.

Examples of webinars & online interviews:

  • 'Wellbeing Wednesday'; 90 minute webinar interview, for Cynthia Mahoney & Associates.
  • 'Drones for agriculture & photography'; 1 hour podcast interview with The Drone Trainer, Chris Anderson, Canada.
  • 'Make Twitter work for you'1 hour webinar, for the Queensland Rural, Regional and Remote Women's Network.
  • 'Social media - using Twitter'; 1 hour webinar, for the National Rural Women's Coalition.

Examples of conference and dinner speaking & other public speaking:

To date,  repeat invitations to speak at major drone conferences on 4 continents (Europe, China and North America, as well as Australia)

  • Numerous exhibition opening addresses (across Australia & in the Embassy of Australia in Washington D.C.)
  • Primary & secondary school student groups - one hour talk on Australia, featuring outback cattle stations; mentioning job opportunities & the importance of food production (Washington D.C., USA); 2 hour talk to science students at Sarina High School (Queensland)
  • Embassy staff & partners; one hour exhibition floor talk (Washington D.C., USA)
  • 'Drones in agriculture' keynote address for Agforce Queensland, at the 'Managing Risk, Securing the Future' forum in Malanda (Atherton Tablelands, Queensland).
  • Australian Women in Agriculture (AWiA) inaugural Queensland event in Toowoomba, keynote speaker.
  • Remote & Isolation Children's Exercise (RICE) 40th anniversary dinner keynote speaker, Port Augusta (South Australia).
  • Julia Creek Rural Women's Day (run by McKinlay Shire Council, western Queensland).
  • Farmers on Film conference (run by Sarah Gayton, Nantwich, United Kingdom).
  • 'Women in Business and Industry' conference at the triennial Beef Expo in Rockhampton, Queensland (facilitated by QRWN).
  • Also - speaking engagements at camera clubs (various).

Upcoming event details can be found on the 'next events' website page, as well as dates & locations of previous events.

Please contact me if you'd like more information on the keynotes, workshops & webinars I can undertake. 

There's also more information on these pages:  Rural workshop, webinar & presentation subjects & Corporate agribusiness workshops & presentations.

I have tens of thousands of photographs and many have been captured specifically to illustrate points being made in presentations. And more than 800 cattle station photographs can be seen in the 3 books:

Comments from book buyers around Australia and from other countries can be seen on the Testimonials page.

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