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2018 Farm Tour

'Paddock to Plate' farm tour of Ireland and the UK

I'm leading a fabulous 'Paddock to Plate' farm tour to Ireland and the UK in 2018.

And you are invited!


  • We'll be travelling around rural UK and Ireland during the British Isles summer, when the countryside is in full bloom, outdoor agricultural events are in full swing and harvesters are still circling hedgerow-hemmed fields. 
  • A selection of Britain's best agricultural events and interesting farms will be visited, plus we'll be meeting a huge range of locals involved in agriculture.  And not just in passing - we'll be sitting down to relaxing meals together.
  • Many cultural highlights are also included - from Ireland's beautiful Dingle Peninsula to the UK's magnificent Blenheim Palace.
  • Plus some special surprises along the way - the itinerary has a lot of detail, but there are some surprises that aren't listed!
  • En route I'll be giving one-on-one photography assistance to anyone who has queries - so you come home with your best travel photos ever!  I'll also be taking photographs with my drone, on some of the farms visited. 
  • Individual pre-tour advice is available for travellers considering buying a new mobile phone or camera before we head off on our adventure, as well as answering any other queries passengers have - from packing tips to travel wifi. 

For many, the most memorable aspect of this tour will be enjoying the company of fellow travellers and conversing with interesting locals as we roam about.  Very interesting, enjoyable and useful conversations will result from what we are going to see and who we are going to meet.  These conversations will be what you remember for a lifetime; as well as what we see.

Some of the agricultural topics included on the tour:

  • Primarily the beef, sheep; dairying and graingrowing industries - plus we'll be touching on some others. 
  • Rural organisations & journalists - we'll meet people involved in running agricultural industry organisations, very experienced rural journalists producing print and radio stories, and learn about some unique ag education schemes.
  • Food retailing - we'll have the opportunity to check out a farmer's market, paddock-to-plate restaurant, butchershop, supermarket shelves etc - for niche marketing ideas, price comparisons, packaging & display information etc.  And of course, we will be required to do taste testing!

If you are considering joining us on the trip, don't hesitate to tell me about anything special you'd be particularly interesting in seeing or doing.  Although the itinerary has been finalised, it may be possible to tweak some details.

Apart from people with an interest in agriculture, who would enjoy this tour of the British Isles?

  • Travellers who have been to the British Isles as an independent traveller or on a non-agricultural tour, who would love to return and meet and talk with a wide variety of locals who are involved in farming.  IE a tour with 'heart and soul', not just a lap of busy tourist haunts. (Although we certainly will be fitting in unmissable highlights).
  • Anyone new to overseas travel.  I'm availabe to answer all queries and before we set off I'll be updating & distributing some useful travel tips.  Some of which may well be of use to seasoned travellers also.
  • Solo travellers. 
  • All ages, although the ability to walk reasonable distances and be up and about fairly early will ensure it is more enjoyable.
  • You certainly do not have to live on a farm to enjoy this tour!  But it is designed for people with a particular interest in agriculture and rural life.

The "Paddock to Plate" tour is excellent value for money, and passengers who earn a living from agriculture may be able to claim this rural tour as a tax deductible expense. However checking with your accountant is advised, as everyone's specific circumstances differ.

Fully escorted, professional tour guides, great quality accommodation.

This farm tour is unique. I have built up a great ag network in the UK and we will be personally conversing with a large number of interesting locals that standard tour groups and independent travellers do not encounter.


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