Aussie Films & References (Outback Culture)

It is important to learn about other cultures but everyone should know their own first. What we encounter on television, in film theatres, on the radio and in books, magazines and newspapers should encourage pride in Australian culture and accurately record our history. Unfortunately, a lot of it does not.

This part of the website lists good quality sources of accurate information and authentic entertainment, specifically relating to the Australian bush.

Outback-related Films and Television Programmes

  • 'Australia' The Film – General Info — When was Baz Luhrmann's 'Australia' movie filmed, how much did production cost, the premiere and release dates in cinemas and on DVD & Blue Ray, and links to related pages.
  • 'Australia' The Film – The Story — Baz Luhrmann's 'Australia' film plot summary, translations of words & expressions used in the film, information on the authenticity of set and story details, who the actors are and the characters they play, the film score & musicians involved, and where 'Australia' was filmed.
  • 'On Our Selection' Film — George Whaley's 1995 film based on the writing of Steele Rudd. Actors & parts played, comments on the film, music, publicity & DVD, and the other two 'On our Selection' films.
  • McLeods Daughters Television Programme — Information regarding the McLeod's Daughters Television Programme.
  • Information on "Keeping up the the Joneses", the reality series on Milton Jones and his family on Coolibah Station (NT), can be found within the blog pages, along with other more recent films and television series featuring rural and remote Australia.


  • Bush Poetry — Details of some great books of Australian bush poetry.
  • Bush Biographies — Details of more than 100 autobiographies, biographies etc, relating to the Australian bush - in particular, northern Australia and cattle stations. Many of these are fabulous entertainment - really good reads. The enjoyable way to understand our history!
  • Outback & Agricultural References — Details of non-fiction books on a variety of subjects, from identifying native Australian plants and animals and aspects of farm and cattle stations management, to bush cookbooks.
  • Outback Books for Kids — The best quality children's books, including some classics, that relate to country life.

The books 'Biggest Mobs - Longest Shadows', 'Life as an Australian Horseman' & Million Acre Masterpiece' contain more than 800 photos taken on almost 60 of Australia's largest cattle stations.

Please Note

I don't sell any of the books or music recordings listed on these pages, except for my own books:

  • 'Biggest Mobs - Longest Shadows'
  • 'Life as an Australian Horseman'
  • 'A Million Acre Masterpiece'

Unfortunately I don't have the administrative resources to provide information other than what is included on these pages. This information is provided primarily to assist these producers of quality bush-related information and entertainment, and to assist my customers who would like to purchase more books on the Australian bush. Some of the books mentioned here have been given away as prizes, as many of them are particularly good reads.

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