Translations For Outback & Country (Rural) in Other Languages

Words for ‘country’ or ‘rural’ in other languages:

  • Australia — ‘bush’, ‘country’, 'back country', ‘the sticks’, 'the inland'
  • U.S. — ‘the west’
  • Argentina — ‘campero’

Words and expressions for ‘outback’ in other languages:

The word ‘outback’ is commonly used by residents of coastal Australia and those in the tourism industry to refer to sparsely settled areas such as the interior and remote coastal regions such as Cape York Peninsula and the Kimberleys.

Australians living out in the sticks usually refer to the place they live as ‘the bush’.

  • English (primarily urban Australia) — ‘outback’
  • Dutch (Nederlands) — ‘verafgelegen schaars bewoonde streek’
  • Français (France) — ‘la brousse’
  • Deutsch (German) — ‘hinterland’, ‘busch’
  • Dansk (Danish) — 'odemarken'
  • Italiano (Italy) — ‘provincia’, ‘entroterra’
  • Português (Portugal) — ‘terras no interior da Austràlia’
  • Español (Spanish) — ‘interior’, ‘el campo’ (Argentina)
  • Svenska (Swedish) — ‘vildmark, ‘obygd’

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