The Australian Outback's Largest Cattle Stations

Outback Christmas Cards & Greeting Cards

What are these Australian Bush Christmas Cards &  Outback Greeting Cards like?

  • Beautiful colour photographs of Australian outback landscapes, and stockmen and stockhorses at work
  • Original design - the back of every card has a ghosted image (either a windmill or an outback palm tree) and a small map of Australia - plus extra space for more handwriting, if required
  • Premium quality — printed on heavy, good quality card
  • Standard Australian stamp postage. Card size is approximately 174mm x 122mm (landscape format)
  • Matt finish
  • Printed in Australia
  • Available singly or in packets of 10, with good quality envelopes
  • Limited print run and exclusive to this website (the card recipients won't see these outback greeting cards all around town in shops)
  • Free postage for orders of 10 or more cards, to customers within Australia, and free overseas postage when ordered with books 
  • Good discounts for larger orders

NOTE: You can also order cards to be printed just for you, with images you choose, out of the books.

Enquire via the contact form or by phone (see details below), for quantity & price details.

Discounts for larger card orders

There is a larger discount of $11 ($10 if GST exempt) deducted for each 5 packets of outback greeting cards ordered.  However this discount isn't calculated by the online ordering system, it is refunded manually; so be sure to remind me to process your discount.  For orders of more than 10 packets, please ask for a personal quote (for an even larger discount).

How much do these outback greeting cards cost?

Australian orders:
$3.30 per card or $26.40 per packet of 10 cards (envelopes are included)
(includes the 10% Goods & Services Tax payable on purchases sent to an Australian address).
International orders (cards sent direct to an overseas address):
$3.00 per card or $24.00 per packet of 10 cards (envelopes are included) 
(GST exempt).

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How much does greeting card postage cost?

Australian delivery, by Express Post:
Free (book postage is also free).
International delivery, by Standard Airmail (GST exempt):
Free for greeting cards ordered with books and sent to the same address.

Postage for outback greeting cards sent on their own (these International Postage Rates are automatically calculated by the website when you place your order, using Australia Post's standard zones):

  • Zone 1 - New Zealand (only) - $10 postage per packet of cards, if sent without books
  • Zone 2 - China, Japan, Hong Kong (only) - $12.00 per packet
  • Zone 3 - Most of Southern & Central Asia (Indonesia to India) - $12.00 per packet
  • Zone 4 - US & Canada (only) - $14.00 per packet
  • Zone 5 - Most South Pacific Islands plus some SE Asia - $13.00 per packet
  • Zone 6 - UK, Ireland, part of Northern & Western Europe - $18.00 per packet
  • Zone 7 - Russia, most of Eastern Europe, some African & South American countries such as South Africa & Brazil - $20.00 per packet
  • Zone 8 - Rest of the world, including many African & South American countries such as Botswana & Argentina, & the Middle East, including UAR - $21.00 per packet

To determine the postage charge to any countries not specified above, please enquire.

Don't forget - there is no postage charge at all, for packets of cards mailed overseas with books going to the same address.

For more information on these Australian outback greeting cards, visit Card & Book F.A.Q.



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