Copying Images & Writing

The contents of this website, books, cards, photographs and other material produced by Fiona Lake, may not be reproduced or used in any way whatsoever without a specific written agreement – arranged prior to use.

To arrange such an agreement contact Fiona Lake.

Unauthorised copying of any of the images or writing on this website or in material produced by Fiona Lake will be pursued via legal channels. ‘Copying’ is meant in the broadest sense - it refers to any type of reproduction. For example being copied by artists (eg. painters), being saved on computer and used as a screen saver, or being used by graphic designers in draft designs or ‘mock ups’. Payment for use and/or compensation will be sought regardless of the circumstances.

The Australian Copyright Council has comprehensive and very well written information on Australian copyright laws.

Students are also advised to familiarise themselves with copyright laws and as a courtesy, contact me when wishing to refer to my work in the course of their studies.

Painters and graphic designers are asked to show the same respect for the work of photographers that they like to receive themselves.

Some of the most important copyright points to remember

  • Copyright protection is free and automatic.
  • As soon as a photograph is taken or original words are written down, copyright protection applies.
  • It is not essential for Australian creators to mark their work with a copyright notice; protection is automatic. Copyright symbols and notices are just used to remind people the work is protected. Just because you can’t see a copyright notice doesn’t mean the work is not protected, and in the eyes of the law ‘ignorance is no excuse’. In other words, if you are illegally using other people’s photographs or plagiarising their words, saying ‘you didn’t know it was illegal’ won’t help get you out of trouble.
  • Australia has reciprocal copyright agreements with most countries.
  • As a result of the Australia-US Free Trade Agreement, on 1 January 2005 copyright protection of photographic images was increased so photography now has the same copyright protection as other types of artistic creations (eg. writing, painting, music). This means that now all my photographs will be protected by copyright for 70 years after my death. This helps protects legacies parents have left to their children.
  • If you have purchased a book, photographic print, painting, film or music recording then you’ve just bought one item to use and enjoy yourself, not the rights to reproduce your purchase.
  • Owners of copyright can take infringers to court. Some commercial infringements are considered to be very serious criminal offences, with large fines and jail terms applicable.
  • Over the years many individuals and businesses have used my work without permission - and something is always done about it.  Usually copyright infringers are sent a non-negotiable invoice, for immediate payment. 
  • The use of many of these images can be purchased for a specific purpose and time frame, for an agreed amount. Please contact me to discuss your requirements.

Please remember:  Photographers, writers and other people working in creative fields rely on the sale of their work to be able to buy food, pay for a roof over their head and raise their children. Just like in any other profession, using someone's work without coming to a mutual agreement beforehand, is simply stealing.

© Copyright Fiona Lake

The contents of this website must not be reproduced or used in any way whatsoever without a specific written agreement — arranged prior to use. Unauthorised copying is illegal and copyright infringements will be pursued. For further information please see the copyright section.
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