Privacy Policy

I have a simple "do unto others" common sense 'privacy' policy.

In short - If I give a business my contact details, I don't want them to pass this information on to anyone else. Nor do I want them to send me too many emails, newsletters or phone calls. Just some news every now and then.

And I treat other people how I like to be treated:

  • Your contact details are treated with respect and kept completely confidential. Your details will never be given or sold to anyone else.
  • Your contact details are only used for obvious purposes that relate to my business. For example, to send you exhibition opening night & event invitations (buyers and people on the mailing list have priority over everyone else), and to notify you of mailing list specials, new cards, new books and competition wins. Nothing tricky.
  • You will not be contacted very often — on average, less than once every couple of years. I used to produce a newsletter about once a year however no longer have time to do so because the mailing list is now huge, and there are not many people who don't visit websites now. So instead news is posted on the website — and even this is hard to keep up with in a timely fashion. So you are certainly in no danger of receiving more mail from me than you would like. In fact, many people complain they don’t get enough correspondence from me!
  • Please keep your complete contact details up-to-date if possible. Unfortunately I just don’t have the resources to find people who have moved or changed their contact details. And being a one-person show necessitates using a variety of communication methods for maximum efficiency. Plain-text emails are the only way I’m able to find the time to contact you most of the time. These are often sent at odd times when most people are asleep & I am catching up on overdue paperwork. Sometimes conventional mail is sent out, for example exhibition opening night invitations are usually mailed to people living in the surrounding region. And if you win something large like a framed photograph (they measure nearly 1m by 80cm and weigh around 8kg) then I need your street delivery address, as these are not sent via Australia Post. This is why I ask for your complete contact details, including phone numbers.
  • It is a condition of entry in any prize draws that the names and nearest towns of winners are listed in the Prize Draws page of the website (so that everyone can see there are real winners). However if winners specifically request that their full names are not publicised, initials will be used instead.
  • The comments in 'Testimonials' are listed with the writer’s name and nearest town. Specific permission has been sought to do this, and writers can ask to be quoted anonymously if they prefer - and of course if writers would rather not be quoted at all, then then they are not.
  • Occasionally I receive emails from someone looking for an old mate they knew years ago in the bush. I will not give out personal contact details to other people, unless the person concerned has given their permission. However if you ask me to forward emails or letters written by you on to someone else I will happily do so if I know where they are. Then they can choose to correspond directly with you if they wish.
  • If you want your details removed from the mailing list at any stage, for whatever reason, please contact me by email, mail or phone and you’ll be taken off the mailing list straight away. It is handy to be told why (in case it's something I can improve upon in future), but you certainly do not have to give any reasons.

Why be on the mailing list?

Time and money spent on advertising and publicity has to come from somewhere so it has to be written into the purchase price of books, cards and photographs. Offline purchases increase administrative time greatly and purchases through bookshops and other retail outlets reduces the margin by more than half.

So a big thank-you to the thousands of people on the mailing list who purchase online, because without you this one-person show would be too uneconomic and inefficient to be sustainable – I simply couldn’t do it. You are helping me to keep on recording life in the Australian bush, and to keep the cost of books, cards and photographs at an affordable level.

People on the mailing list recorded as buyers receive priority for exhibition opening nights when exhibition venues require attendance numbers to be capped, special offers when available, and are entered in any prize draws that take place.


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