Refund & Returns Policy

Books and Cards

Because purchases aren't personally seen before ordering, of course if you are dissatisfied with your purchase for any reason you may return the books or cards to me for a refund*.  This is however on the proviso that the books or cards are returned to me in perfect condition, and sent back within 5 days. *Books signed with special messages are however exempted as they cannot be resold.

Please note: the books or cards must be wrapped very carefully because they must return in a saleable condition, or they cannot be refunded. If the packing materials are not in good enough shape to offer sufficient protection in the mail, then you will need to purchase new bubblewrap etc.

The cost of the books or postcards will be returned to you immediately however because the refund is due to a change of mind the cost of postage either way cannot be refunded.

It's worth noting that while I have had several damaged-in-transit books returned for replacement, I've never had books or cards returned because someone didn't like them or they weren't what they expected.

Photographic Prints

If photographic prints aren’t looked after, for example they’re exposed to extreme heat by being left in the full sun or shut in an extremely hot car, they may be damaged (although it may not be immediately obvious).

If unframed prints are handled carelessly they can be scratched or creased. I wouldn’t want to buy a photograph that had been mistreated in this way and I’m sure you wouldn’t want to either. For this reason, photographic prints cannot be returned due to a change of mind, in case the care of them has been less than ideal.

There is always a first time for everything, but to date I haven’t been asked by a purchaser if they could return a photograph because they were dissatisfied, in any case.

Damage in Transit

You must bring attention to any damage to the outside packing material (eg. rips or dents) to the attention of the freight depot, courier or postal staff as soon as your purchase is handed to you.

In the few cases of damage I've encountered the outside packaging material has been clearly damaged or there has been the unfortunate and unmistakable tinkle-tinkle of broken glass when the box was picked up (actually, that's only happened once).

With regard to framed photographs that have been damaged: the damage must be immediately noted in writing by the freight company (sorry I do need to make sure it just didn’t fall on its face because the hook came out of the loungeroom wall).

Please email or phone me on the same day with the name and phone number of the freight service person you spoke to and send the damaged goods (minus the broken glass) back to me within 5 days, and your purchase will be replaced as soon as possible and at no charge. I have only ever had one framed photograph broken - more than 20 years ago - and that was only because the carrier stuffed up monumentally, by accidentally taking it on an amazing trip around Australia of approximately 8,000km (instead of just 2,500km).

With regard to damaged books and cards: all packaging material must be returned with the damaged goods - including the Express Post Bag or Postpak your order arrived in.

Fortunately I’ve had very few items damaged in transit over the years. But of course accidents are always possible so if your purchase is damaged then I will make every effort to rectify the situation as quickly and easily as possible, just as I would like others to do if I had that sort of headache.

Occasionally a book misprint turns up that has slipped through the book printer's checking procedures and which I didn't spot when packing. Unfortunately when large numbers are involved, the occasional fault is inevitable. Faulty copies have particular, easily identified problems - and of course your books will be replaced immediately if you have received a copy that is not perfect.

Don't hesitate to contact me straight away with any concerns you have, and describe exactly what the problem is.

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