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Limited Edition Photographs — Sales

Due to the necessity to reduce the amount of storage space required in-between exhibitions, sometimes a few framed limited edition photographs were available at special prices. Because no future exhibitions are planned, sale stock is now no longer available. This will remain the case (no limited edition photographs available at discount prices) unless more exhibitions are held.

However, repeat business is very much appreciated so previous purchasers of full-price photographs can be offered a specific discount when re-ordering. If you have purchased before and are interested in acquiring again, please send details of what you have previously bought, what you are considering to purchase now, and ask for a personal quote.

Information regarding limited edition photos can also be found in Art Ordering F.A.Q.

Coffee Table Book Discounts

At present customers placing an order for 2 or more books receive an exceptionally good discount.  Please refer to the Book Discounts & Postage page for further information. Orders for 2 or more books also come with a free screen-printed calico carry bag (while in stock). If you are ordering more than 10 books then please contact me for a bulk discount quote as an extra discount may apply, and/or special items may be available for free (although the online discount automatically calculated for large quantites, is huge).

Unfortunately it's not administratively possible to notify everyone prior to price rises, so price increases occur without warning. To pay the lowest price it is better to buy early on rather than leave it until later, and to place orders for more than one book at a time.

Australian Greeting Card Specials

Greeting Card orders are posted free to Australian addresses and customers placing an order for 5 or more packets of Australian Outback Greeting Cards receive a good discount.  Please refer to the Greeting Card Information page for further information. If you are ordering 10 or more packets of greeting cards then please contact me for a bulk discount quote as an extra deduction may apply.

Sometimes these outback greeting cards are included free of charge, with books sold.  Special offers such as these are usually notified via the blog.

Australian Outback Gift Tags

Outback gift tags are sometimes offered free with book purchases. These tags are not available for separate purchase.


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