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Frequently asked questions are answered on several art gallery pages. Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any unanswered queries after referring to the information provided in these pages. Most of the information on these pages refers to the most commonly produced prints, on photographic paper, however canvas and metal prints are also available.

These art works are ideal corporate gifts & personal presents for Christmas, Birthdays, Fathers Day, Mothers Day, Anniversaries, Weddings and engagements - and 'just because'.

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Bookbuyer’s Special Discount

Photograph buyers who have purchased books direct (online via this website) can have the cost deducted from the purchase price of limited edition photographs ordered direct.

Please note:

  • The cost of one copy of each book purchased can be deducted from a subsequent order for a photographic print.
  • This offer only applies to full price sales (not discounted stock).
  • This offer does not apply to Gift Certificate recipients (i.e., the cost of books purchased cannot be refunded to a customer using a gift certificate to purchase  photographs).
  • The deduction can only be made within 24 months of book purchases, and the book purchase must have been made online (for admin efficiency reasons).
  • The deduction must be requested by you when the limited edition photograph is bought because no cash or retrospective refunds can be issued.

Book buyers number in the thousands and unfortunately there is no room in my memory for a complete record of buyers, hence the offer is limited to online buyers, and there is no administrative time spare to sort out retrospective claims.

This special discount has to be calculated manually so please arrange and pay for your photographs by email, phone or by mail if you would like to claim the book buyer's deduction/refund.

Administration records are checked prior to issuing refunds so I need the full name & contact details used when the books were ordered.

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Layby Service

Photographs that are printed and framed especially for you, can be put on layby.

A deposit is required with layby orders:

  • 40% of order total; however the initial deposit made must be at least $300
  • plus a $30.00 administration fee per layby (up to 6 photographs)

Photographs can be put on layby for up to 3 months. Regular payments are not necessary however laybys must be paid in full within 3 calendar months of the date of order or the layby deposit is forfeited (please refer to the date given on your layby receipt). As photographs are printed and framed when ordered, no refunds can be issued due to a change of mind. Photographs put on layby are sent to purchasers as soon as possible after payments in full have been processed.

Some editions are as few as 3, so if there is a particular photograph you really love I recommend putting it on layby because once sold out no more prints will ever be made.

Laybys are also very useful if you don't have anywhere to store a surprise present purchased in advance.

Laybys have to be organised manually (rather than online) so please arrange and pay for a layby by email, phone or by mail.

Gift Certificates

Even when you know someone very well it can be difficult choosing the image they would like best, as a surprise gift. Sometimes it can be done surreptitiously by casually asking which book images are their favourites. However even such a seemingly innocuous question as this would raise the suspicions of some people (eg, many wives) so this sort of research may not be practical.  And a favourite book image may not be their first choice for a wall.  In any case, most people do get a great deal of pleasure out of choosing an image for their wall themselves; the sort of enjoyment you get choosing from a restaurant menu or planning a holiday destination. So a Gift Certificate may be the best option. Please contact me me for further information, to discuss options, or to order a gift voucher (these can't be purchased online).

Delivery Time

Quality takes time to create and these photographs are not mass-produced. Each photograph is unique. I may have the photograph you want already printed and framed, in which case it can be sent to you within a day or two. However the vast majority of photographs are printed when they are ordered. Ordinarily it is necessary to allow 2 weeks for printing and 2 weeks for framing, plus travel time. However it gets very busy in the lead up to Christmas so Christmas orders should be made by mid October to ensure timely delivery. It is usually not possible to provide photographic prints during December & January, and during other extra-busy periods (eg. during book production). If you have placed an order and there will be a delivery delay of more than six weeks, you will be notified. If you have a specific deadline please don't hesitate to ring me to discuss delivery times.

Colour Variations

The colours of the photographic and canvas prints are more subtle and accurate than those you see on your computer screen, in books and other publications.

Image Sizes and Variations

The sizes listed are the traditionally standard photographic paper sizes, they are not the exact sizes of the printed images. This is because the proportions of images taken on 35mm film are slightly different to the standard photographic paper sizes. Also, some images have been cropped so that they are narrower or shorter than the original image size.

Some photographs can be printed much larger, for an extra cost — please enquire if you are interested.

Photographic Printing

Photographic paper prints:

These prints are produced in a professional photographic lab in Sydney. Limited edition images are printed from high-resolution digital scans onto photographic paper, either matt or gloss. These digital-photographic prints have excellent archival qualities and unsurpassed colour subtlety and accuracy. Older photographic printing methods cannot reproduce these outback colours adequately. Photographic paper prints are the best choice to ensure long-term archival qualities of your limited edition photograph.

Canvas prints & prints on metal are also available but neither of these extra options are listed in the website art gallery pricing system so they cannot be ordered online. Instead, please email or ring for further information and to order canvas prints and prints on metal.

Canvas prints:

Images are printed onto 390 GSM 100% cotton canvas that is acid-free, with archival quality pigment inks.

Prints on Metal:

A brand new service - your photograph is printed onto a 1.15mm thick sheet of aluminium. Available in a gloss, satin and brushed finish. These metal prints are waterproof and scratch resistant, however to protect the long-term colour they should not be hung in direct sunlight or outdoors (the same as canvas and photographic paper prints). This is such a new service that the manufacturer has longer-term archival quality tests still in progress. Prints on aluminium are ideally suited to hanging in areas where moisture would otherwise be a problem, eg bathrooms. Not all images would look at their best if printed onto metal (I will advise you if your image choice is suitable or not), however those that are well suited to it look spectacular.


The watermark logo does not appear on the photographic prints. It is only visible on the web page images to assist identification of unauthorised copies and to deter illegal copiers.

Limited Edition Art

All photographic prints produced are limited editions. Once the full number of prints in the edition has been made, no more will be produced. Once printing has commenced, edition runs are sometimes reduced, but they are never expanded. A reduction in the size of an edition run increases the value of all photographic prints of the image concerned (because the scarcity value is increased). Most images are editions of 15 or less - and some images are printed as few as 3 times. The gallery states the maximum number of photographic prints that will be made of each image, and it also lists the price applying to the current edition number. Prices rise toward the end of the edition.

Certificates of Authenticity

A Certificate of Authenticity can be mailed to every photograph purchaser who has provided current contact details. The certificate lists the photograph details such as the title and edition number and it is hand signed and numbered. Please note that these are original documents that cannot be replaced if lost, and they are only supplied to purchasers who can provide proof of purchase - including the image titles and edition numbers.

Freight Costs for Unframed Photographs

Australian Delivery - sent anywhere within Australia, by Standard Surface Mail:

$33.00 ($30 plus $3 GST) per photograph. Less a $20 postage discount for every extra photograph purchased (but only if ordered at the same time & to be delivered to the same address).

International Delivery, by Standard Airmail (GST exempt):

  • Zone 1 - New Zealand (only): $29.00 postage per photograph. 
  • Zone 2 - China, Japan, Hong Kong (only): $35.00 postage per photograph. 
  • Zone 3 - Most of Southern & Central Asia (Indonesia to India): $37.00 postage per photograph. 
  • Zone 4 - USA & Canada (only): $42.00 postage per photograph. 
  • Zone 5 - Most South Pacific Islands plus some SE Asia: $38.00 postage per photograph.  
  • Zone 6 - UK, Ireland, part of Northern & Western Europe: $55.00 postage per photograph.
  • Zone 7 - Russia, most of Eastern Europe, some African & South American countries such as South Africa & Brazil: $61.00 postage per photograph.
  • Zone 8 - Rest of the world, including many African & South American countries such as Botswana & Argentina, & the Middle East, including UAR: $65.00 postage per photograph.

If 2 or more photographs are ordered at the same time and to be delivered to the same address in another country, then a $20 postage discount applies to every extra print ordered.

The international postage rates are automatically calculated by the online ordering system when you enter the country of delivery; using Australia Post's overseas postage rate zones. 

To determine the postage charge to any countries not specified above, please enter what you'd like to order into the online ordering system along with the country of delivery, and the cost will be calculated automatically.

Zones 6, 7 & 8 are the most expensive, and a small additional refund of postage may be applicable if you're ordering more than one photograph to be mailed to the same address in one of these countries. Don't hesitate to contact me to check whether you may be eligible for a refund of some of the postage the online ordering system calculates.  Please note; postage savings can only be refunded when an enquiry is made on the day of ordering (it doesn't matter whether you enquire before or after placing your order, as long as it is on the same day, not later).

Freight Costs for Framed Photographs

Australian Delivery - Mainland only, sent by Busfreight:

$66.00 AUD ($60 plus $6 GST) per photograph. *Less a $30 postage discount for every extra photograph purchased (*ordered at the same time, to be delivered to the same address).

Bus freight is the most efficient, reliable and cost effective transport method for glass on mainland Australia. In fact most transport companies won't touch glass freight at all.  In larger cities your photographs will usually be delivered to the door by a courier. In regional areas your photographs will be delivered to the nearest bus freight depot. Freight to unusual destinations must be quoted individually, and due to bus route cutbacks in recent years, unfortunately there are fewer regional areas I can deliver direct to.  (It may have to wait for collection in your nearest large town.)

Overseas Delivery - Specific Quotes are necessary, sent by Pack 'n' Send:

Freight of framed photographs to other countries can be arranged however the cost has to be calculated on an individual basis. Don't hesitate to contact me for a quote. Quick, insured, door-to-door delivery of framed images can be arranged relatively easily however it is not cheap, as artwork must be crated to ensure the glass does not break in transit. The best option is to purchase a print and arrange framing locally, if at all feasible.


Occasionally a few framed limited edition photographs used to be available at special prices. This sale stock was ex-exhibition work, discounted simply due to the necessity to reduce the amount of storage space required in-between exhibitions. Because no future exhibitions are planned, sale stock is now non-existent. However, previous buyers of full-price photographs usually receive a specifically personal discount when re-ordering. Please contact me if you are interested in details of any sale stock which does become available, or if you are a previous purchaser of full-priced photographs interested in purchasing more photos.

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