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Outback cushion covers

Would you like to be reminded of the Australian outback's wide open spaces, every time you step into your office, loungeroom, or bedroom?

Or you're looking for a unique gift for someone who is hard to buy for?

I produce outback cushions featuring some of the most popular photos I've taken on Australia's largest cattle stations. 

And having the names of the cattle stations or cattle country regions on the back of the cushions is fabulous for anyone who has lived and worked in the north. Because just seeing these station names brings back a flood of memories.

At present there are 3 ranges:

  • 'Australian Wild West' - very striking black & white photos
  • 'Cattle Station Regions' - classic northern cattle station landscape photos
  • 'Cattle Station Country' - photos which clearly illustrate a specific part of northern Australia - from boabs to vast plains and huge tropical rivers

Because these outback cushions are made-to-order rather than mass produced, they are not included in the website ordering system.  You choose the photo for the front and design for the back, and your cushions are made especially for you*. (*I usually do have a small number of cushions already printed, for rush orders.)

L-R: Tom on the tail, Quick trip to the doctor, The Magnificent Four, Heading towards the Napier Range, Another Channel.


L-R: Silver clouds and silver cattle, The evening stroll, Road Guardians.


Cirrus + growing cumulus = rain

L-R: Bullocks in the dust, Through the boabs, Long shadows.


Reverse side of the cushions:

The back of these cushions can be left blank; or printed with another photo or text. Such as all the names of cattle stations in the specific area that the photo on the front relates to.  To date I have produced cushions which feature the name of every cattle station in 3 regions:

  • Queensland's western Channel country
  • The West Kimberley region of Western Australia
  • The Northern Territory/Queensland Barkly Tableland region.

L-R: Cushion backs: Channel Country Cattle Stations, Barkly Tableland Pastoral Leases, West Kimberley Cattle Stations.

Foreground cushion: 'Noel Loves Barbara' (windmill on Alexandria Station).


Or the back of the outback cushion can be printed with the names of all the northern Australian cattle country regions.

Cushion back: All the main cattle country regions of northern Australia are listed.

Foreground: 'Noel Loves Barbara' (windmill on Alexandria Station).


These outback cushion covers are great quality - printed in Australia on 100% linen and with an invisible zip, so covers can be (gently) washed if necessary.

Outback cushion cover inserts:

Standard size, 50cm x 50cm. To save you time these can be purchased direct from me at cost price (usually around $12 each; foam or feathers).  I also charge postage at cost-price but as big businesses can naturally negotiate special freight deals, their customers have to pay a lot less for the delivery of bulky items.  So you may save a few dollars by buying generic, bulky items such as cushion inserts direct from online chain stores such as Spotlight.

Cushion Cover & Postage Prices:

The larger the order, the larger the discount.

Single-sided cushion covers: $60 for one, $150 for 3 (save $30)

Double-sided cushion covers: $75 for one, $180 for 3 (save $45)

Plus postage, at cost price. For cushion covers on their own it's not much, and usually free if you're ordering covers at the same time as books or cards.

Postage for cushion inserts: though light, they are bulky so the postage cost is much higher - see the note in the paragraph above re how to save on the cost of freight.

Delivery time:

Several weeks should be allowed for printing and delivery - but I usually have a small number already printed, for urgent orders. Ask me which outback cushion covers I have in stock!

How to order?

  1. Choose what you would like printed on the front and back of your cushions, from the above images. Or choose favourite photos from my books.
  2. Or if you need your cushions delivered ASAP, ask what I have in stock.
  3. You can let me know your order details by email or by phone (07 4728 4922; business hours); and payment can be made over the phone (or by mail, if you'd like to pay by cheque).
  4. Wait for your order to arrive in the mail!


Other outback gift items

On the odd occasion when I attend tradefairs and markets, I usually have a few other custom-made items with me as well

Outback shoulder bags

100% linen, sturdy construction, printed with some of the most popular photos from my books. Guaranteed to turn heads and start conversations - these bags are multi-function as well as unique.

Coffee mugs

Standard white coffee mugs, printed with outback photographs. The head of the huge windmill near the horseyards on Alexandria (as seen on the cushions above) is one of my favourites.  It looks very striking and is a fantastic reminder of northern cattle stations, where the largest windmills in Australia are found.

Acrylic blocks featuring your favourite photograph out of the books

I'd include a photograph of these but it's impossible to do them justice - they have to be seen in person.  They look great on office desks and coffee tables - perfect corporate gifts.

Cotton T-shirts & polo shirts

100% cotton T-shirts & polo shirts, white, printed with your favourite photos out of the books 'Biggest Mobs - Longest Shadows', 'Life as an Australian Horseman' and 'A Million Acre Masterpiece'.

Many items can be custom-made, with photos chosen from the more 800 included in the above 3 books. If you have any queries, don't hesitate to contact me.

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