Book Discounts & Postage Information*

  • Postage is free to Australian addresses.
  • Generous discounts & overseas postage amounts are calculated automatically by the online ordering system when you add items and a delivery country.
  • Details of discounts, overseas postage costs etc are also explained below:

For packing & postage reasons, books are much cheaper when ordered in pairs:

1 book:

1 book is $63.00; plus $6.30 GST if being posted to an Australian address.

2 books:

  • A huge discount applies - $30 plus $3 GST (if applicable).  (Due to postage & packing savings.)
  • So 2 personally signed books delivered to the door in Australia cost just $105.60 in total; ie the second book only costs $36.30.
  • A free screen-printed calico carrybag is also included with orders for 2 or more books. 

4  books:

A $66 discount is deducted from the total order ($60.00 discount if GST exempt); i.e. one book is almost free, when you order 4.

Orders for boxes of books (10 per box):

Bulk discounts are calculated by the online ordering system and are very generous; because a lot of packing time is saved and freight costs are lower.

Bulk orders don't usually come with extra free items such as carrybags and greeting cards, but don't hesitate to contact me if you'd like to discuss options and prices.  (Contact details are below.)

How much does postage cost?

Australian Delivery:

  • All books are mailed to Australian addresses for free.  (Greeting card postage is also free.)
  • Orders for 4 books or less are normally sent by Express Post.
  • Orders for more than 4 books are usually boxed and sent by ordinary mail (why it's possible to offer larger discounts for large amounts, see above); but it depends on the time of year and the delivery location.
International delivery (GST exempt):
  • The International Postage Rates are automatically calculated by the online ordering system when you enter a country of delivery order, using Australia Post's standard zones.
  • Postage to other countries is not cheap, because books are heavy.  But what I charge is usually much lower than the over-the-counter rate charged by Australia Post (which is also much cheaper than other international freight services).
  • If your order is for several books to the one address, you may be eligible for a small refund of postage, if you're sending to one of the most expensive postal zones.** However an enquiry must be made at the time of ordering for this to apply, not at a later date.
  • Please note: If your order is for more than one book (and thus receives a generous bulk-order discount) but it is to be mailed to more than one address overseas, additional postage may be required.  If this is the case you will be contacted before your order is dispatched.  Then you will have the option of having all the books sent to you, to mail onwards at your local postage rates, or pay the additional postage required to send to different addresses direct from Australia.

If you require a special airmail service (eg faster or tracked delivery), please ask for a quote. Overseas greeting card postage is free when they are ordered with books.  Please refer to Book & Card Frequently Asked Questions for overseas delivery times & other vital overseas order-related information.

Postage cost per book, sent overseas.  Pleast note that the prices below are are less than what is charged by the Post Office:

  • Zone 1 - New Zealand (only): $11.00 postage per book.
  • Zone 2 - China, Japan, Hong Kong (only):  $20.00
  • Zone 3 - Most of Southern & Central Asia (Indonesia to India):  $21.00
  • Zone 4 - USA & Canada (only):  $26.00
  • Zone 5 - Most South Pacific Islands plus some SE Asia:  $24.00
  • Zone 6 - UK, Ireland, part of Northern & Western Europe: $41.00
  • Zone 7 - Russia, most of Eastern Europe, some African & South American countries such as South Africa & Brazil:  $46.00
  • Zone 8 - Rest of the world, including many African & South American countries such as Botswana & Argentina, & the Middle East, including UAR:  $60.00

To determine the postage charge to any countries not specified above, please enter what you'd like to order into the online ordering system along with the country of delivery, and the cost will be calculated automatically.  There are however several less-populated countries not included in Australia Post's Zone categories, for some mysterious reason. So these must be quoted for on an individual basis.

Zones 6, 7 & 8 are the most expensive postal zones, and a small refund of postage may be applicable if you're ordering more than one book to be mailed to the same address in one of these countries, as explained above.

Cost of Sending 2 or More Books Overseas, to the Same Address:

As mentioned, if you are in one of the 3 most expensive postal zones and are ordering two or more books to be sent to one overseas address, you may be eligible for a small refund of the postage calculated by the online ordering system.

So if you are considering sending more than one book to the same address and it's in one of the 3 most expensive postal zones, don't hesitate to contact me to check whether you may be eligible for a refund of some of the postage the online ordering system calculates.  Please note; postage savings can only be refunded when an enquiry is made on the day of ordering (it doesn't matter whether you enquire before or after placing your order, as long as it is on the same day, not later).

Overseas Postage Zones & more detailed International Postage Information:

Standard Australia Post Zones are used to calculate overseas postage. For more details of which countries are in which zone (especially countries that aren't listed above), please visit Australia Post International.

How long does delivery take?

Please refer to Book & Card Frequently Asked Questions for details of delivery times and other information.  As explained in more detail on the Book & Card F.A.Q. page, please note there are occasionally significant delivery delays (eg. 6-8 weeks) to some countries, presumably due to slow customs clearance.  This lengthy delay is uncommon, however.

Please note that when I am away the office is shut, as this is a one-person show.  Approximate dates when I'll be out of the office are listed on this blog page.  It's best to order for specific events, in advance.

NOTE: Online payments are securely processed directly through the National Australia Bank.


* Prices & special offers:

  • Postage costs and the price of books, cards and photographs are subject to change without notice. 
  • Supplies of books, cards, carrybags etc do run out at times.  Books and cards are not usually reprinted. 


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