Australian Outback Postcard, Bookmark & Greeting Card Information

This page lists all the sold-out Australian outback postcards, bookmarks and greeting cards created by Fiona Lake since 1992. The style of these cards has been emulated by a number of northern Australian photographers - especially the unique design on the back.

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More than 800 classic photos of Australian outback cattle stations are included in the unique coffee-table style books 'Biggest Mobs - Longest Shadows', 'A Million Acre Masterpiece' & 'Life as an Australian Horseman'.  Order your personally signed copy of these memorable books.

Barkly Tableland Cattle Station greeting cards

A set of greeting cards printed on release of the book 'Biggest mobs - longest shadows', featuring every cattle station on the Northern Territory's Barkly Tableland.

L-R, top to bottom:

The evening stroll, Road guardians, Straight as an arrow - almost

Tree illustrations, Lengthening shadows, Noel loves Barbara

Silver clouds & silver cattle, Blacksoil dust rising.

Australian Cattle Station greeting cards & Outback Christmas cards

Australian Outback Postcards

All postcards have an original outback photo on the front and most contain detailed information on the back, plus a map of Australia and a ‘ghosted’ image (taken from another original outback photo). Four different postcard producers in Queensland, the Northern Territory and Western Australia based the design on the back of their cards on the original artwork of the cards below, which commenced production in 1992. I guess some people consider copying to be the sincerest form of flattery, however don't confuse bodgy copies with the originals, show below:

Why produce postcards?

When I produced my first cards in 1992 the only outback postcards that you could buy on the 3,700 kilometre drive from Townsville west to Broome showed photos of either crocodiles (in captivity), buffaloes, town main streets (usually the post office) or fat hairy Hereford cattle in green rolling hills. These photos of green rolling hills were obviously taken more than 2,000 kilometres to the south and produced by southern mass-market card production companies.  There was never any useful information included on the back.

Tourists could have been forgiven for thinking northern Australia had become one big National Park, when in fact they were driving right through some of the largest cattle stations in the world.  So I set about providing readily accessible and affordable information and mementos along the route. Many thousands of these unique postcards were sold.

There were no Purnululu National Park postcards available with accurate information or good quality photos either, so I produced some with the encouragement of the then Manager of the Turkey Creek Roadhouse. I’ve spent many weeks flying, driving and walking around the ‘Bungle Bungles’ taking photos, as it is an absolutely fabulous, intriguing place. It is unique.

Australian Outback Greeting cards are still available. Many of these cattle station postcard & outback greeting card photos are also included in the beautiful coffee-table books 'Biggest Mobs - Longest shadows', A Million Acre Masterpiece' & 'Life as an Australian Horseman'.

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