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New South Wales

The two books arrived today thank you - they are just superb, I know the people they are going to will love them - well done Fiona.  We have been touring Macquarie Bank properties in Q'land and NT and so just love your photography - it captures the spirit so well.

Susan Jardine, Nimmitabel

I gave your book to my mum for Christmas. Mum was a farm girl born and bred. Looking at the photos literally made her cry. This book was the best present she has ever received.

Keep up the wonderful work, Keren Doughty, Raymond Terrace

Dear Fiona

Your book is absolutely fantastic; I would like to order two more books, I think these are the 7th and 8th copies that I have ordered.

Kind regards, Will Jeffreys, Delegate

Fiona thank you so much for the photograph, my son was absolutely thrilled with it, as was everyone else, they hadn't seen such a great photo, altho' it was in your first book which they have, but looking at the photo it seems so different and life like, THANK YOU. 

Kind Regards, Dawn Morris, Deniliquin

Dear Fiona

The book has arrived and I'm sure my son, who has been at Wrotham Park this year, will enjoy it.  We gave 'A Million Acre Masterpiece' to our older son a couple of years ago, who had had a stint on Anthony Lagoon - he thoroughly enjoyed it and we all still browse it.  Many thanks and best wishes for Christmas and the New Year.

Regards, Louise Travers, Woollahra


Just letting you know my copy of "Life as an Australian Horseman" arrived in the mail today. It is everything I was hoping for: a well-balanced mixture of up-close and personal shots and broader landscape, scene-setting images. I found the structure of the collection interesting. It's like a diary, if you like, a record, hour-by-hour of the horseman's day --even the apparently insignificant moments, where the buys catch a bit of shade, or a swig from the water bottle. I like the aerial shots of 'the mob' too--they have a very graphic quality--the dusty patterns of the outback. I also like the way that you've resisted the cliches--you know, the lone horseman riding off into the sunset. These characters have wind in their hair and dust under their fingernails--to borrow a phrase from the legendary American fold singer Woody Guthrie. Good luck with whatever you do in the future. I will leave this book on the coffee table in the  lounge room and water through the pages when I need a bit of open space to clear my head.

Cheers, David Turnbull, Wamboin

After I got your book I meant to write to you to say how much I loved the dedication and then all those glorious photos of the endless skies and horizons, the excitement, dust and energy of the moving mobs and a tired human being resting in the shade of his horse. It almost bought this part of Australia into my living room so that I could taste it and smell it. Maybe one day I will actually get there! I do wish you much success.

Best wishes, Idelies Govett, Moss Vale

Thanks Fiona for letting me know via post you had a new book out. My father is an old stockman (too old and frail for the saddle now) and just loves your previous book I bought for him as a gift. I'm sure he'll treasure this one just as much.

Julie Wright, Bare Equine, Kentlyn

Have received the books safe and sound - thank you!  They got here very quickly.  Had a quick flip through before I wrapped them - beautiful!  My partner will love them, and I can't wait to have a better look. 

Thank you and Merry Christmas, Leesa Peck, Tamworth

Dear Fiona,

Sorry it's taken me so long to let you know what I think of your amazing book, Life as an Australian Horseman. The book was a gift for my partner who has a love and life-long dream of living on and owning an outback station. Your beautifully illustrated book brought us both to tears as we devoured each page. It has encouraged us to never give up our dream.

Thank you, C.S., Goonellabah

I love the authenticity of your books, you can feel the dirt dust and heat of the outback and the spirit that is truly uniquely Australian.

Scott McKie, Mossvale

Hello Fiona,

I bought the book to give to my partner as an anniversary present. He and I absolutely love your books! I particularly love 'A Million Acre MasterPiece' as I know quite a few faces within the book. Both he and I did a stint in the NT at Newcastle Waters, Dungowan, and Kirkimby (CPC). I'm sure he will absolutely love the book 'Life as an Australian Horseman' (if my mother ever gives it back for me to wrap).

Kind regards, Katrina Crawford, Bathurst

Hi Fiona,

Just a quick email to say thank you for your beautiful books.  I am working in Channel Country at the moment and have been on some of the properties that you have included in your books.  Great people and great country!  I look forward to seeing more of your work.

Kind regards, Brett Rodgers, Epping


I recently purchased both your books, one for myself and one for a gift. I am part way through Life as an Australian Horseman and am captivated. There is so much to absorb in every photo, I find myself studying the men, the horses, the cattle and the surrounds in detail. There seem to be many stories in the one photo, sometimes I think I can smell the dust. I can picture myself there ---if only I could be there. Congratulations on a unique book, and congratulations to me for buying them.

Frances Rennex, Cowra

Hi Fiona,

Just to let you know the books arrived today (just picked them up from the mail room). I should be working, but instead, I am captivated by the pictures in 'A Million Acre Masterpiece' and the attached inscriptions. Having been born in Wagga Wagga, and my father transferred to Sydney when I was 5 - the yearning to be on the land has never left me. My father was a jackeroo, and my biggest regret is that I didn't do jillerooing - although I must admit I did learn to ride a horse when I turned 40! I have spent many happy times on properties and your beautiful pictures have transported me back into 'my world'...thank you so much.

Kind Regards, JL, Sydney

Dear Fiona

I received my order during the week and your book 'Life as an Australian Horseman' is fantastic!  My mum is going to love it as her Christmas present.

And later...Yes mum did love your book.  It will be on the top of the pile of our coffee table books for a long time!

Anna Ross, Henty  

We already have A Million Acre Masterpiece and love it, you have captured the Australian outback beautifully.  Congratulations on what looks to be another wonderful book. 

Then... Have received the book and love it!! Will look great next to your previous book, on our coffee table.  Many thanks and hope to cross paths in the future.

Regards, Angus & Sarah Waddell, Young (Breeders & trainers of working Border Collies - Waddy's Collies)

Hi Fiona,

Just a short note to say thank you for the great opening of the Outback by the Sea exhibition last night. It was fantastic to see all the photos and hear the stories behind them.

I hope the rest of the exhibition goes well and you enjoy the time in Sydney.

All the best, John Williams, Epping

Hi Fiona

I have just received your book 'A Million Acre Masterpiece' and am absolutely thrilled with it. I had anticipated it would be great, after seeing your photography originally on an ABC program, and just had to have the book. Thank you for sending it and the postcards so promptly. The second copy I received will go to a friend, who will also enjoy it. She is my web designer and has to put up with a lot from me, so thought this might be a nice gift to appease her!! I love all your mustering shots, the movement, butts of dust, you can feel the heat and the grit of the country. Anyway, this is just to say 'thank you' for the enjoyment your photography brings to someone like me, who will probably never venture into these parts of Australia, although I would dearly like to. I can however experience it through your images.


Just letting you know that my books ('Life as an Australian Horseman') arrived this morning, just in time for Christmas, thanks so much. I am resisting the temptation to read my book yet, it is my present to myself for Christmas, so after all my work is done here on the farm tomorrow, I will sit down and hopefully relax and enjoy your wonderful work. I will visit my neighbour tonight to give him his book and I know he will be delighted too. Have a lovely Christmas and New Year.

Kind regards, Lindy Quin, Couria Creek Cottages, Tilba Tilba

Hello there Fiona,

We only get mail three times a week where we are. The book arrived in Mondays mail (which has worked out well as it's the 5th wedding anniversary present for the husband - 26th April). Have had a flick thru before I wrapped it and I loved it, loved it, loved it.

Cheers, S.C., Jerrys Plains

I have your first book and read this one when my daughter bought it for her boyfriend.  Love them.

Regards from Kay Crawford, Bathurst.

Phil worked on Anthony's Lagoon about 50 years ago and still remembers that time with great fondness, so he loved his birthday present.

All the best, Suzie Shaw, Bondi

We received our copies of 'A Million Acre Masterpiece' and 'Life as an Australian Horseman' today and what excitement! our son is a mechanic on Brunette Downs and 2 of his sons also work there. We are planning a trip to the ABC races next month for the very first time. To see so many photos of Brunette in your books, particularly the 'Masterpiece' book, has made us even more anxious to visit our family. I particularly was excited to see the aerial views of the vegie garden, the houses and the lake where the boys waterski, kayak and fish on their days off. All your photos show the reality of life on these vast Australian stations. Thank you so much, Fiona. I will heartily recommend your fantastic photography to all my friends and acquaintances.

Regards, Val Shearer, East Maitland

Hi Fiona,

Brilliant. The book arrived this afternoon (could not believe it would arrive so quickly) and my wife and I were very impressed by it, and I am sure my brother will love it. Thank you so much also for the way you endorsed it, could not have been better. I am more interested in the photography, and the colours you were able to get in the outback were great.

Good luck for the future. Guy Nugent, Towradgi

I received my copy of "A Million Acre Masterpiece" in the mail yesterday. It was a birthday present for my husband and he loves it! Thanks for sharing your lovely pictures of your Australian outback experience with us.

Giselle Lindley, Yarramalong

Dear Fiona,

I am writing to tell you of the great pleasure I am getting from your marvellous book.

For nearly 20 years I worked for King Ranch Australia and spent time at both Brunette Downs and Mount House. During this time I also visited many other properties in Queensland, the Territory and the Kimberleys whilst Santa Gertrudis Cattle and Quarter Horses were being classified for their respective Breed Societies. One of the many interesting projects I was involved in was to take the photographer Douglas Baglin to Brunette to compile a record of life at the Station. Your photos remind me of this fascinating time of my life and of how difficult it is to 'Capture the Moment' when photographing stock and wildlife. A flick of the eye and often the magic has vanished, particularly the wonderful patterns cattle make when on the move.

Your photos have achieved this to a remarkable degree and have brought back many vivid memories of a marvellous period of my life from 1959.

Thank you and again, congratulations on a great book.

Regards, M.L, Bowral

Congratulations on "A Million Acre Masterpiece". It is truly a captivating book - haven't been able to put it down since I received it as a gift! Well done - can't wait for the next one.

Kamilla Stuart, Gunnedah




We have just received 'A Million Acre Masterpiece' and can't put it down.  Your eye captures outback rawness telling a story of many different lives and lifestyles.  Well done, keep shooting away - we look forward to seeing more.

Thank you, Karen Logan, Beaudesert

I am greedy...this book bought back many lovely memories for me. I could feel and smell the dust, flies and sweat. My husband was never a part of big station culture however he has enjoyed this book immensely as I have described things to him from my own experiences. What a trek down memory land I had.

Jacqui Beale, Mungallala


We took two of your books to the USA in 2014 for the South Devon World Conference and they were really sought after. They were the subject of a bidding duel between an English couple and an American couple, the American won but he was made to pay plenty for them. This year we are going to South Africa for our World Conference so I would like to take another set of your books.

Heather Lindsay, Dalby

Love your work - great as presents (which I find hard to give away!)

Jo Pegler, Eromanga

I am a cattle vet based in Brisbane and do contract work for the pastoral companies. I have worked on most of the stations in the book and your photos are so descriptive and so realistic - great work. I am looking forward to your next book and would appreciate it if you could put me on your mailing list upon its release.

Penelope McGown BVSc, Brisbane

I recently purchased 2 copies of each for myself and parents and enjoyed them immensely, so have bought these for my close relatives who live on a farming property in SE Qld.  I have your two books on my coffee table and a lot of people who have visited have asked where to buy them so I am pleased that they should be generating more sales for you.  I take some photos of my farming property but they don't quite come out as well!  I am going to send a book or both over to friends in North East England where I used to live for a few years as the people there were very interested in the stories I had of the outback.

Rod Chamberlain, Toowoomba

Hi Fiona,

We have both your books, and thought this (a copy of 'A Million Acre Masterpiece') would make a great gift for our son to take overseas to his host family in Canada.  Thanks for the lovely books!

And...The host family in Canada loved the book too!

Cheers, Tracey Hewitt, Theodore

We have just received your books in the mail and wanted to let you know that they are great. We owned a property in the N.T. for a number of years and your photos just brought back so many memories. Of course when we were mustering and doing yard work, I didn't think to take photos and I wish I had now. Thanks for portraying how it really is. My mum dreamed of coming to visit us on the station to see how we lived but she lives in Melbourne and never got the chance. We bought this book for her for Christmas so now I can tell her that what she sees in the book is pretty close to what it was really like for us on the station. Thanks. Good luck with the book and hope to see more in the future.

Sue & Simon Mattsson, Mackay

Hi Fiona,

I received my order today and the books are absolutely brilliant! I am sure our friends overseas will be very excited to receive them...my work colleagues loved them. And... Since our communication last year, I presented your books to friends in Canada and they just loved them. Keep up the brilliant work.

Kind regards, Fran Peterson, Chinchilla

Thanks Fiona,

I have received "Life as an Australian Horseman" and it is as beautiful as my copy of "A Million Acre Masterpiece". They are constant adornments on my coffee table.

Best wishes, Liz Lawlor, Eidsvold West

Love the book 'A Million Acre Masterpiece'.  I bought this book for my brother-in-law for his birthday.  He lives outside Ipswich and would have loved to have lived and worked in the outback.  He can't ride any more (car accident) but still loves to talk with the cattle and horses.  I am sure he will love it (the book) as well.

Jock Kennedy, Corinda


I love your book "A Million Acre Masterpiece". The images show the true spirit of Outback Australia, and it shows how rewarding the Outback lifestyle can be without romanticising it.

Congratulations!! Selena Seng, Mt Isa

Thank You.

My partner and I spent a year (2006) working for friends of ours (the Murphys) on "Kalala" station near Daly Waters in the Territory. We also baled hay on Newcastle Waters, Brunette Downs and Anthony's Lagoon. The problem was, we were that flat out working that there was never any time to take any photos. When we came home and tried to explain what we did and what the country was like to friends we couldn't do it any justice. So thank you, the pictures and comments in your book helped explain to our friends what we could not.

R Richards, North Queensland

Thanks Fiona the book arrived today and it is beautiful.  You have done a great job with the photos, I know he will love it.

Kindest regards, Happy Xmas, Tonya Carew, Karrabin

Hi Fiona,

Just received the books today. WOW absolutely spectacular, they gave me goosebumps. My father was a Ringer and rodeo rider in his day, around the Rolleston area and Planet Downs. Congratulations on such an outstanding piece of Australia and its history. My work mates were impressed and will surely buy some books too. Can't wait to visit the art gallery, fantastic Fiona.

Theresa Pradham, Mackay

Hi Fiona,

I received the book yesterday and just love it. I am passionate about our bush and until recently have always lived in the bush. My sons know all the country in your book as one does contract mustering and the other is working to be a mustering helicopter pilot and also does all the horsebreaking on Nockatunga. He has just about finished there for the year, and has also broken in at Delta Downs and around Kynuna, among other places.

Best wishes, LW, Barcaldine

I purchased A Million Acre Masterpiece as a Christmas present for my father.  I'm very excited to be able to give this to him as I know he will love looking at all the photo's especially the stockcamps and will bring many memories back for him.  This will in turn get him started on telling us his stories.  Something that I love listening to. 

Thanks, Narelle Newman, Boonah

Thanks Fiona

Books arrived this morning...very very exciting well done they are fantastic.  Thanks for the personalised note about moving.

Kind Regards, Emma Kelly, Theodore (ex Merriwa, NSW)

Hi Fiona,

transplanted to Brisbane and not liking the city life. Love your stuff having grown up on a cattle station south of Alice. Reading your books takes me back and reconnects me to the bush I love and miss so much.

Regards, Liz Locke, Northgate

Dear Fiona

Thank you for the books I think they are great. I was looking through them and came across places I have been or know. My husband Paul and myself own a roadtrain with three trailers which we operate from Julia Creek. While looking at the books I came across a station where my niece and her family have just moved - Humbert River Station N.T. We haven't been there yet hope to go there for Christmas. Also Gladevale station near Richmond, owned by Eric & Lyn Slack-Smith - we have carted a lot of cattle for them when we first came to Julia Creek 8 years ago. And the books I got you to send to my mum were a big hit she loved them and has shown them off to her friends. So thank you for making my mum's day.

Regards Maree Hite, Julia Creek

This book ('A Million Acre Masterpiece') is an attractive communication medium that portrays the heart and soul of outback Australia.  The content allows the reader to visually experience from the safety of their lounge chair, the drama, the excitement and the passion of the people who choose to live and work in this realm.

David Foote, Australian Country Choice (ACC), Morningside

Absolutely fabulous book of which you should be very proud, and an edition which one will be able to pass down to future generations. I have planned to give one of the copies to one of my sons and I know he will feel as I do about it, and be thrilled with this years present.

Sincerely, Jan Stone, Highfields

Hello Fiona,

Thank you for getting back to me and I received the book today.  I am sorry to have missed your call last week, I was out at Jericho running a horsemanship course during the week.  The book is very well done and I have been looking for ages to find books like these.  I travel overseas quite a bit and books like yours go a long way to showing what rural life is like.  I find that people living in rural areas or coming from a rural background are very interested in life in remote parts of Australia.  Pictures can say a lot more than words.  This book was for some very good friends in the U.S. and I am sure that they will enjoy it.

Thank you again Fiona and I am sure that I will have a few more orders of your books through out the year.

Kind Regards, David Stuart, Nebo; Foundation Horsemanship (Australia, UK, UAR & NZ)

Thank you for your wonderful photography and beautiful books.  They will make a beautiful gift for Christmas.

Debbie Hillier, Bowen

My husband purchased both 'A Million Acre Masterpiece' and 'Life as an Australian Horseman' as gifts for a disgruntled wife, fed up with life on a quarter acre block in town. At night I sit up in our bed and escape to the outback through the lens of your camera. The photographs you have taken have a depth and quality that make me homesick for the places that I may have seen and all those I haven't. I remember as a child I mustered cattle with my parents, feeling the sting in the sun and smelling the sweat of a grey pony. I am sure that the pony (old boy that he is now) would love some of the places your pictures take us to - thank you!

Amanda Stirling, Tannum Sands



Hi Fiona,

We received the books today in Melbourne, they are fantastic.  I cannot wait to get the reaction from our customers, they will love them!

Best Regards, Dirk Geleit, Meat Tender, Braeside


I have just ordered a copy of "life as an Australian Horseman'.  I recently ordered 'A Million Acre Masterpiece" and have since received it and it is perfect.  Many thanks!  I love the book that I have received already and the ability to have a personal message is wonderful.

I grew up on an outback sheep station and these books are for some wonderful South African friends that I have met in the last few years who are fascinated by the Australian outback.  I recently joined them on a trip back to South Africa and they treated me to a personal tour of their home country and these books are one of my ways of saying 'thank you'.

Thanks in anticipation and congratulations on your books.

Regards, David Bowden, Kew

Dear Fiona,

Just wanted to let you know, I went to see your photos in the Sofitel Melbourne reception six times while they were here. Loved all of them and still can't decide which one to buy.


Thank you so much for my picture. I absolutely love it!! I've gone on about it so much to my friends so I've had them all around to see it. I think you might have a few of my friends wanting to buy one. Thank you once again, I love the frame also.

Kind regards, Lindsey Nairn, Melbourne

Dear Fiona,

Thank-you, Thank-you, Thank-you!!! I recently purchased both of your amazing books "A Million Acre Masterpiece" and "Life as an Australian Horseman" for my husbands 33rd Birthday. The smile on his face when he opened up my present and saw your books was my very own "Million Acre Masterpiece". You see he has been having a hard time of it lately with bad health and trying to uphold the family run dairy farm in Northern Victoria with the ongoing drought. Your books allow him to escape even if it is only for a little while! He looks over the pictures, makes comments and just really enjoys the moment. It's the little things in life that make such a difference and your beautiful books make that difference to my husband. For this I thank-you so much. We look forward to seeing and buying more of your work. I think you might have even inspired a dream, for my husband and I to one day take our 3 children to some of these cattle stations and amazing parts of our country.

Best of luck, Kind Regards, Sarah Iddles, Cobram

Hi Fiona,

Back to work today to find your books on my desk. I have had a quick flick thro and I'm thrilled. My eldest son (working at Newry) called in & took them home, he won't be doing much this afternoon, I bet.

Many thanks, David Levy, Hamilton

Hi Fiona,

I received your books this week, thank you.  My son is about to embark on his career as a vet in western NSW and has always had an interest in the outback (these books are his birthday present).  As a family we have been lucky enough to travel through a lot of the areas in your books and have been amazed by the harshness, vastness and beauty all rolled into one amazing landscape.  Our trip through the outback certainly contributed to Tristan's desire to work in the bush.  I am a horse rider and have been lucky enough to participate in some of the last high country musters in the Victorian Alps.  I can empathise with your words about the spirit of the land, the dedication of the people and the skills lost.  Like a lot of things, we don't appreciate them until they are gone.  Sadly times are changing and there is no going back, but your books capture the feel, the smell, the dirt, the excitement and the passion of the 'job'.

Thank you again!  Melisse Robinson, Tatong

Took my time to read the pictures and captions, thanks for that, and enjoyed it absolutely heaps and heaps and heaps. What amazing images, and the explanatory descriptions are just beaut! The beauty of the imagery is about as far from the reality of heat, cold, dust, dry and flies, as the equator is from the South Pole, or Kathmandu is from New York. A beaut way to relax with a book, the best relaxer book ever for me. Lucky I saw the clip on the ABC, otherwise I'd never have had the opportunity to buy it.

Cheers and thanks, Frank Meek, Clifton Springs

I looked at your wonderful book when Sally (a friend) purchased it and it took me back many years. My husband and I worked in Queensland about 22 years ago it bought back a lot of memories, thank you. I am purchasing this for his birthday I know he will shed a tear or two as I did when I read through.

Thank you! Janine Fenwick, Inverleigh

Hi Fiona,

I purchased the book as a gift for my husband last Christmas, and it was very much appreciated (he is extremely hard to buy for). Many visitors to our home have enjoyed looking through it as well, and my three year old daughter Matilda regularly requests that I get it down for her to look at. Matilda loves the horses most. I am desperately hanging out for a Victorian exhibition, and look forward to hearing when you may have one in the works.

Thanks again, Bronwyn Beazley, Lismore (Victoria)

Hi Fiona,

love your books.  Bought Masterpiece years ago for my dad. Born and bred into beef cattle down south in Gippsland Victoria, have travelled much of the North and hope to see much more!  It's an amazing country we live in and experience when our heart is bound to Mother Earth, your photos capture it brilliantly.  Sending one of your books to my father in law in the U.K.  He loves it too and hoping we can get him over here one day soon. Love your work.


Just an update - the books have arrived. An amazing job once again, had to put Australian Horseman down as I had things to do and was getting sucked in...Love the anecdotes and information you have added throughout the book, you have done so much work and it shows.

Keep on keeping on, Fantastic! Cat Baird, Glengarry

Thanks for sending the books - one was for my son who was absolutely rapt and they arrived very promptly.

Regards, Rhonda Holmes, Mt Macedon

Both these amazing books have taken us to another part of this astonishing country of ours.  They stir feelings of pride reminiscent of the poem "I love a sunburnt country..."  Both our sons are in the N.T. and it makes me proud to think they love being part of that country, as unforgiving as it can be.

Many thanks Fiona, Jan Courtney, Mornington

Hi there...having done a bit of droving and mustering myself a few years back, this book brought back some great memories for me. I really loved the aerial shots of the cattle and the smoko pics. Thank you and I look forward to the next book.

Thanks, Louise Pritchard, Emerald (Victoria)

Hi Fiona

I am now the very proud owner of both your books, 'A Million Acre Masterpiece' and 'Life as an Australian Horseman'.  They are both absolutely magnificent and serve as permanent records of the unique way of life in the Australian outback and are also a fitting tribute to the people who live and work on the cattle stations.  How easily they 'transport' me to the outback!!  Every image is mesmerising, each one telling it's own particular story of remoteness, hard yakka, mateship, horses, cattle and characters.  It almost makes me feel guilty sitting here in my air conditioned office....oh bugger this, I'm heading north with my quart pot and swag.....

Regards, Tony Davis, Wodonga


Just a short note to thank you so much for replacing my damaged book, very much appreciated, will highly recommend any of your work. Thanks again,

Happy Christmas, Stephen Danaher, Colac

Hi Fiona

I have bought 3 of your 'A Million Acre Masterpiece' books for gifts and one for myself.  They truly are the most beautiful books.  I was fortunate enough to see some of your photographs at the Australian Stockman's Hall of Fame where I fell in love with your work.

Regards, Karen Launer, Netherby

Brilliant and just what I have been looking for. It certainly lives up to all my expectations of capturing and recording all facets of station life in Northern Australia.

Cheers, Jack King, Geelong

Dear Fiona,

I just received the two books I ordered from you in the mail ('Life as an Australian Horseman' and 'A Million Acre Masterpiece').  They are absolutely amazing and capture the outback life of Australian cattle stations beautifully.  I will be sending both of your books as a gift to my father who is currently overseas, he moved to this country when he was 20 years old and fell in love with the Australian outback, horses, farming and the like and has always wanted a beautiful photograph of this.

Kindest regards, Rosanda Buljubasic, Ferntree Gully

I have absolutely loved your first two books, they have encouraged me to go and actually experience it for myself!

Donna Milich, Heywood

The book was for my wife who worked on VRD at Pigeon Hole and also as the Australian stock person on the livestock ships exporting beef into Asia. She absolutely loved the book which brought back so many great memories. The day she opened it she just sat down and read it cover to cover. I got home from work and the home looked like a wreck, no dinner cooked, kids not fed, bathed or anything. Her only excuse, "this bloody beautiful book" she told me. "I couldn't help myself. I just couldn't put it down." Don't know what I am going to do now, she has grand plans of loading up the Cruiser and the kids and heading back up there.

Kind regards, Rohan Dendle, Winchelsea


Northern Territory

I recently took 2 of each book overseas with me to give to the relatives and friends I was staying with - they loved them! I'm ordering more to send overseas as well.

Cassie Duggan, Tennant Creek

Hi Fiona,

The book arrived yesterday, however due to only just getting home from the gym, then having to cook dinner only to then bolt down my feed and head out the door to dog obedience, I was too exhausted to have a chance to look at it last night. So this morning after I woke my youngest for work at 6am, I took the time to lay in bed and start looking it over. What can I say, it is wonderful, I struggled to put it down, however as I had to get my other boys out of bed for work (just wait til you have a 20 yr old and a 21 yr old, waking them up is a task of its own ha ha) and myself ready for work, I did manage to put it down and now can't wait til tonight when I can pick it up again...So far I have two thoughts about the outback lifestyle, one is that it is hard work, and secondly oh how free it makes me feel even just looking at the pictures. As I manage 10 staff around Australia, the thought of just being out bush with nature (as harsh as it can be) really appeals to me...Thanks again,

Cheers, Gail Bates, Darwin

Photo was superb and framed just the way it should be. Thank you so much for the effort on my late order.

Cheers, Bernadette Burke, Brunette Downs


South Australia

I ordered 'Life as an Australian Horseman' for my husband's birthday in September.  He loved it so much I bought 'A Million Acre Masterpiece' and gave it to him as a Christmas present.  Thank you.

Hayley Trimboli, Virginia

I look forward to hearing more from you about your fabulous photographs - I love my book Million Acre Masterpiece so so much, it proudly sits on my coffee table.  All the best, 

Lucy Damin, North Adelaide 

Fiona you may have noticed I ordered 4 books as well as this extra one.  This is not a mistake.  Just realised that someone else would really appreciate it.  I saw your book at Anna Creek station whilst carting general freight there a while back and had to have it in my home.  Brilliant, well done!!

Jared Cock, Bute

Dear Fiona,

I thank you for your book on cattle stations, fantastic, and the postcards were sent straight to Germany for their views. The book has been a point of discussion since arriving and has also reignited the dream to travel the country to view these sights ourselves. Again thanks and continue your great work.

Regards, Nils Uellendahl, Glenelg (O'Hallorans Hill)


Thanks so much for the copies of your book, it is absolutely fantastic. We have had some of the guys staying here from Lucy Creek and they are all keen to order a copy and everyone who has seen it has asked for your web address. My son will be over the moon to see the photos you took of him that are in the book, he has been in England for a year but plans to return to Lucy Creek in February. A friend ordered a copy of your book on my advice as a wedding present for a friend in Petworth, Sussex, England. I went to the wedding and they were really pleased with it and many of the guests had been to Australia and were admiring it too. Many thanks again, I shall look forward to your next book.

Cherry Macklin, Ashbourne


A really good read, with great photos, was my best Christmas present for 2009.

Happy Trails from Tony Wells, Yalunda Flat

Your pictures of Brunette Downs bring tears to my eyes, what a truly magnificent place, congratulations on your perfect portrayal of such a special and unique piece of our amazing country.


Hi Fiona,

A huge thanks and job well done on 'Life as an Australian Horseman'.  Another stunning book that both my father and I love.  We have thoroughly enjoyed both books.  They have actually become a useful resource for my husband and I to explain to our city dwelling friends the love that we feel for the remote outback beauty that we used to live amongst.

Regards, Kim Grambeau, Ascot Park (formerly Brunette Downs N.T. & Bunbury W.A.)

Western Australia

Fabulous books.  We have been station people in the Goldfields, Nullarbor and Pilbara all our lives and these books are wonderful.

Amanda Day, Esperance, W.A.

Hi Fiona,

We all love the books. Our youngest daughter (Georgia) who is just 17 is currently working as a jillaroo on Manbulloo Station, so your beautiful photos help us visualise what she is experiencing each day. She is so so happy at Manbulloo and has said to us on many occasions she will never come back to Perthto live. We are all jealous and proud of her and very pleased that at such a young age Georgia has been fortunate enough to be given such a fantastic opportunity. Once again thanks for helping us keep in touch with Georgia and her new lifestyle.

Mark & Jill Dallimore, Subiaco, W.A.

This website is fantastic, and the books look simply outstanding.  There needs to be so much more of this special stuff about, especially in the cities.  I mourn my old life so much and this will bring it back for me.  I am buying the books for my Dad, an old Station bloke, who at 76 still travels around caretaking stations for people, looking after windmills etc.  Sensational, well done, I am almost in tears of appreciation.

Julie Walsh, Moora W.A.

Dear Fiona,

Thank you very much for the two beautiful books you mailed last week.  I would also like another signed copy of Life as an Australian Horseman.  I am going to keep both these books for my husband (who is an Australian Horseman having been born and bred on Meda Station).  The second copy of Australian Horseman I will post to my best friend in England who has been homesick for the Australian bush for years.  It will be a 60th birthday present (July 4th).

My years on Meda were the most memorable and precioius of all.  It is where we had both our children and spent the first 10 years of our married life managing.  It is also where we courted during my 2 year working holiday from the U.K. 37 years ago!!!  John was stud-master there at that time.  His parents also managed Meda for two decades up until 1964.

With kind regards and many thanks,

Janet Wells, Capel W.A. 


Tasmania & ACT

I gave your book to my partner for Christmas and all the other presents got pushed aside!  The whole family has now spent hours looking through your photos with much delight.

E.B., Tasmania

Dear Fiona,

I grabbed a quick view through the gallery this morning, so I could show hubby more pics when ready to brave the computer again. And I knew what he would like to see, WOW they are bloody beautiful. Can't wait for the book. I just had to comment, they were xxxxxxxxxxxspecial.


I had an appointment at a specialist and I took the book with me 2 read, cause u ever read the rot they have in waiting rooms, u know the type I mean. And of course then I got into his room and u guessed it, someone rang him, so I took my book out again and started hiking through the pages while he was talking 2 who ever, when he finished he of course had been drawn 2 the cover of your fab book, what's that you're reading he enquired, like he cared - very sarcastically, I looked up at the old geezer, and meekly replied, it's a picture book doc, u know, one that u dont' have to read, thinking he might get the message, about talking on the bloody phone when I'm paying him a gazillion dollars. He really thought I was serious, he asked why I couldn't read, which made me angrier, I can read I just can't bloody spell can I!

Anyway he asked if he could have a look, the result was he is off on holidays now for 8 weeks and asked if I could write your web addie 4 him 2 look you up. He was very very interested in a big print 4 his waiting room, can you believe you're costing me money down here - I was charged 4 a double appointment, when all he did was look at your book, now 2 the book review.

Well I thought I was there in some of your pics, that's how great they were, words cannot define a true artist's angle of their subject, whether it be an oil painting or a charcoal sketch or a frozen image as yours are, if taken at the right moment in time, they're worth a million words to the critic. I could smell the dust, looking at the cattle. I'm really happy in knowing there's someone out there in the bush still telling the story, through wonderful images, may you never tire of it, because I haven't seen such beauty in an Australian book on Australia 4 such a long time.

Cheers, Cheryl Coombes, Tranmere, Tasmania

Hi Fiona,

Thank you so much for putting these books together.  The photos are fantastic, a great reflection of Australia's outback and its people.

All the best.  A.M., Nicholls, A.C.T.


My first copy of your book has just turned up this morning. It's truly magnificent and I'm particularly pleased that I ordered a second copy. I love the descriptions and explanations with the photos, and little things I'd entirely forgotten about came back to me as I looked through it - like sitting in the shade of your horse when there's no other shade anywhere. My grandfather used to do that. The glossary is excellent too. That photo of cattle crossing the Cooper is magnificent.


Your book continues to give me great pleasure, and a number of visitors who have picked it up to pass the time have become engrossed and not wanted to put it down. What pleases them all is the explanations and comments - they really give extra life and meaning to the whole enterprise.

Thanks again, D.S., A.C.T.



New Zealand

Awesome photography and great reading, thanks. 

Judith Otto, Tuaranga

I have purchased both books which arrived in great condition, thanks for signing them, they are absolutely awesome, very moving and a treasure to have on my bookshelf.

Peter Grayland, Otago

Book arrived today so excited to sit back with a cuppa and read. Love the cards, too good to send to anyone.

Have a wonderful new year, Vanessa Corry, Wellsford (New Zealand)


have just received 'Life as an Australian Horseman'. Congratulations on a great book; and thank-you, brings back a lot of memories. Keep up the good work and hope you can do another one. All the best to you and your family,

Regards, Vance Percy, Hawkes Bay

Giday Fiona,

Thanks very much I have received your book. It is very nice - you have a lot of lovely photos. I'm very happy that I purchased it, just to see those photos, brings back so many great memories. I was working mainly up in the Northern Territory and the Kimberleys. Since leaving Aus, have flown all over the world - Guam, Micronesian Islands, Scotland, Tassie, Canada, Alaska, America, Laos...I was mustering wild cattle in Alaska. I was out in the Aleutian Islands, out past Dutch harbour, where they do all that King Crab fishing - you know, the one on the Discovery Channel.

Anyway...I went out there for a few months. An American chap wanted all of the cattle mustered and slaughtered, leaving some breeding cows. We were to be working on an island called Umnak. The cattle hadn't been manhandled since the sixties...they were very wild...there were a lot of bulls. The island was 70 miles long and 30 miles wide, but full of mountains, and tricky gullies and gorges, with soft swampy country. There was never an easy route when following them along with the heli. So always had to fly ahead and pick routes that had some hard ground. It was very slow going and the weather was horrendous - 70 mile-an-hour winds, with blizzards, and white-out, and temperatures dropping to minus 15 degrees celcius.

We had a slaugher house on the island and had 15 Mexicans working there, butchering the cattle. It was all to be hamburger meat and was going down to Seattle. We had an old DC4 aeroplane there and when the beef was boxed and chilled to a certain temp it was flown into Dutch harbour and boated down to Seattle.

Some of the cowboys wanted to bring the horses out and help me. When I was a day away from the ranch and they turned up, the bulls were flat out chasing the horses. LOL...very funny aye...it was just hard to explain how wild they actually were. I've seen quite a few wildies in my time but jingoes these fellas took the cake.

David Law, Taranaki

I am a Townsville expat who went to school in Charters Towers, now living on a dairy farm in New Zealand and breeding Brahman x Friesians. LOVE your book 'tho it made me a little homesick! Our 'Brahmys', as far as we know, are the only ones of their kind here and have aroused quite a bit of interest and your book shows the resilience and beauty of these animals and the stunning grandeur of Aus. Thank you Fiona.

Cheers, Dimmitee Baldwin, Woodville (North Island)

Hi Fiona

We have read and re read the books, they are so beautiful, thank you so much.

Cheers Raewyn McCord, Gore

Love your books.  I bought both.  I am a Kiwi farmer bought up in the high country but now intensive farming at beautiful Te Anau (gateway to Milford Sound).  I have read and have a large library of Australian 'bush' books, love the stories of history and hardship both pioneering and modern day.  I believe that documenting farming life as you have in your books, should go a long way in informing the ignorant and those who think they know all about farming.  Your books are a credit to you and I envy the fact that you have been able to 'tag along' in your endeavours to get that prized shot.  May more of those story telling, winning shots be around the next corner.

Regards and best wishes, Morag Tippett, Te Anau


Hello Fiona!  The package has arrived!  I've been busy reading your wonderful books - your books are gorgeous!

Thank you, Hanna Komarek, Hamburg

Hi Fiona,

I just went over all the photos again and first of all I want to say great job! 'Rubbing the horse's ears' is probably my favourite photo in the book. The lighting is great (early morning) and it just shows a nice intimate moment. I spent some of my time in Australia working on stations, too, and I have to say I really envy you for experiencing all of this.

Best wishes, Markus Steinhauser, Gaggenau

United Kingdom


I have your book in my hand and it is absolutely wonderful; quite beautiful and superbly done. I felt so nostalgic looking at it, it quite brought tears to my eyes. Just fantastic. Well done on a truly wonderful work of art. I will treasure it.

Deborah Blackie, Gloucestershire

Dear Fiona,

Many thanks for your book 'A Million Acre Masterpiece'. It has given me a far better view into what my son is doing as a ringer in Northern Queensland than I had hoped for. It is a beautiful book. The pictures are breathtaking.

I now enclose an order for a further two books. One for my son as a keepsake for him to look back on his time in Australia and one for the grandparents.

Regards, Mark Light, Dorset

Hi Fiona,

The book "A Million Acre Masterpiece" is fabulous...can't wait to take it home to my farming family in the UK.

Charmaine Raw, North Yorkshire


South Africa


Our son, Paul Lubbe, purchased your book on Australian Cattle Stations and sent it to South Africa as a gift to his Dad, who is a South African Cattle farmer.

We love the book and the gift was precious. Thank you for enabling us to share in a little bit of Australia. Regards,

Ezit Froneman, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa

Hi Fiona,

The rivalry runs deep between most South Africans and Australians...sports like Cricket and Rugby add fuel to this fire!  Part of this rivalry makes me hesitant to admit the Australians really have it on us when it comes to ranching!

The notion of 'land and personal security', vastness of the ranches and sheep stations really make me envious....and your books capture the best of these.

Allow me to explain 'personal security' - 3500 white farmers murdered in South Africa since 1994.....'land security'; we lost our ranches in Zimbabwe thanks to the mad-hatter Bob Mugabe.....my current beef operation has just been 'acquired' in South Africa as part of the South African Governments 'Land Restitution' program (at least we got paid something now the second time round)....I'm on my way to Namibia to set up a beef and game operation for hopefully NOT round three of any land grab!

Back to the business at hand.....books are really great, you capture the vastness and the rural atmosphere that makes me tick!!!  The two copies I have have a very special place on the coffee table in the lounge on the farm.....the envy of many farm visitors!

Kind regards, Craig Berger, South Africa


United States of America

I collect books on ranching and cattle when I can, where I can and if I can. Your last book was one of the best, if not the best, coffee-table variety I have ever seen.

Best wishes to you and yours down under, John Newcomb, Texan


I returned from a very long trip and my books were on my desk. I have looked through and I must say you are amazing. The photos are beautiful and the book will make a wonderful gift for customers and friends. Thank you for your effort in developing this book and thank God for your talent.

All the best, Wes E Klett, Anipro/Xtraformance Feeds, Colorado

I have received my order of your wonderful book; it arrived the day before our election of Barack Obama as next president. Two exciting events at once! Now that things are starting to settle down in America, I can turn my anxious attention to your book. What a marvellous creation! Thank you also for the extras that came with the book: the neat cattle station tote bag, the Chrismas and note cards I ordered (and the extras - thank you), the information sheet, the bookmarks. Thank you for everything. I appreciate being entered in your drawings, and I will enter the 'futures' drawing after I've had time to digest the book and send you my comments. I wish I could go to the events, but there's a matter of a few miles to travel.

Not to bore you...but I love your country. I am 65 and grew up hearing about its wonderful charms from my mother, who had a rich uncle/station owner who paid her way over on a ship in the late 1930's. She was a violin player and she went there to study at the famous music conservatorium in Sydney. So when I married in 2002, we honeymooned with an astronomy group and saw the eclipse in the Outback (and visited her school). I returned on my own in '06 for 6 weeks of wandering solo, and plan to return very soon. Most of my time has been across the south...from Sydney to Alice Springs to Perth, Melbourne and Tasmania. We did honeymoon in part of your Lizard Island. I want to spend more time in the outback, in Queensland. I also want to get to Darwin, the Kimberleys, and slowly down each coast. I plan soon to look at your artwork online and explore more of your website. It was great serendipity to find it. It's terrific. Thanks again for the book. I am going to get into it right this minute.


Dear Fiona,

I have greatly enjoyed "A Million Acre Masterpiece." Now I receive equal pleasure with "Life as an Australian Horseman". The detailed and graphic photographs in your newest book bring this Australia fan to the point of feeling that he is actually in the awesomely beautiful, ruggedly rural part of it. I can almost taste the dust, feel the heat, hear the ringers barking their orders to the cattle, and chinwagging with each other. And no text is required to understand. Short of being there, the remarkable photos and the brief captions do the trick. You and your team are real Australian treasures, in my view. Thanks from an aging Yank who believes (but cannot confirm) that Aussie blood runs in his veins.

Best regards, Michael R. Grant, Grand Rapids, Michigan

I was visiting a friend in London whose daughter is in Australia, and had sent her the book (A Million Acre Masterpiece). I loved it! Wanted on for myself and as a gift for another friend of mine. Thank you for putting it all together - very lovely!

Paula Peters, California

Hi Fiona,

The three copies arrived - thank you, thank you - your work is superb. As an Australian living in the U.S. for the past 20 years, your work possibly has even more impact - perhaps it is the tyranny of time and distance, but one certainly chooses to take more time to ponder and reflect on it and what it represents. The 'Masterpiece' captures everything that is good about the Australian outback and what it means to be an Aussie - a life that is so real - the love of the land, the life and the values of the men that live the life. Compared with you who has seen so much of that life and lifestyle, who am I as a city slicker really, to comment - nonetheless there is something about the Aussie bush and the land that runs very deep within Aussies. As I was turning the pages for the very first time, I had this sense that you have recorded here something very important - something which, but for your work, might get lost....a sad, rather scary and sobering thought perhaps - what a loss should this ever be so..it is the very stuff of which the country was built...such a dramatic contrast to the non-character building and molly coddled lifestyle that most of us in the Western world experience.

So thank you for having the guts and determination to go for it, to do what you wanted to do from your heart - you've pulled it off - in grand style and excellence! It is a deposit left for all who come after, which I hope never gets lost.

Warm regards, Ian (and Bev) Roberts, Virginia

Absolutely wonderful book! I'm so delighted with 'A Million Acre Masterpiece' that I plan to order a copy for my sister who lives in Cody, Wyoming (we grew up on a small dairy farm in Kansas). I know it will make a fantastic birthday gift for Jan. I knew from what I saw on the net this was going to be a great book, but it exceeded my expectations & I was especially delighted to receive it in a nice tote bag.

This brought back many delightful memories of my 25 months in Exmouth, WA in the mid-80s. A million THANKS!

Donna Flannery, Pennsylvania

G'day Fiona,

I received your wonderful book last Friday along with the cards, bookmark, and bookbag, all very nice. Thank you!

After spending a peaceful weekend enjoying your book these are my thoughts. The design of the book is very nice and well thought out, in keeping with the theme of the project. From the inside cover image to the glossary, it was a pleasure to page through.

The themes explored as outlined in the Table of Contents, and expressed in the photography, were a compliment to the lifestyle of the people and animals experiencing this remote part of Australia. Every chapter had a story told through a photographic journey that wonderfully expressed the people, land, and lifestyle. Really! I enjoyed each chapter, but being an architect I would have liked to have seen more on the homesteads and the lifestyle around them. Saying that, the overall selection is carefully balanced and works well.

All the images from the landscapes to people show the skill in dealing with various subjects. The colors and quality of light were artistic and technically expressive, and a joy to experience. For me this color light, and composition were the best part of the book, and a compliment to the story and land.

I feel you have done a very professional and artistic job of photography, story telling, and publishing design that is a joy to experience. I am looking forward to the promise at the end of the book about more cattle stations to discover, and your next book.

Kind regards, William Brace, California

I just received in the post today your book 'Million Acre Masterpiece' which is beautiful and yes, does make me feel homesick!  It has brought a lot of warmth into the house, especially as I live up in upper western New York and we are thigh high in snow!

Many thanks, Kerry Hockham, New York

Your dedication at the beginning of 'A Million Acre Masterpiece' says it all for I truly would rather be living in the bush. Many thanks for you and your work I will be a frequent visitor to your website/blog.

David Walker, Tampa, Florida

This is a Christmas gift for my dad, Jack.  Please make out an autograph to him.  He is a Texas born cowboy and after my recent visit to the Outback, I know he will love your book.  (Then) ...by the way, he loved it!

Thanks, Kristi Kemp, Texas

Fiona -

thank you for your quick reply. You know, I just happened upon your website, briefly glanced at what you have done, and couldn't believe my eyes.

Thank you thank you and thank you for what you have conceived, appreciated, and pulled together in capturing the beauty and magic of the Australian Outback through these stations. You couldn't have targeted this piece of work more accurately to someone like me. I live in Boston - have been here for 20+ years and am a 51 year old expatriate.

I grew up in Brisbane and spent from the age of 8 through to 17 spending all my vacation time on outback stations basically mustering, fencing, castrating, and tree lopping for feed. As I went off to Uni, got a job in engineering, then in banking, my life on the land unfortunately faded in reality but never in my memories.

I am sending the first copy to my mother who lives on the Gold Coast who grew up on a sheep station - I know she will love it too.


I received my copy of your book a week ago and have been pawing through it ever since. I has exceeded my expectations - terrific - I hope you sell a million of them. Every Australian should have a copy.

Best wishes, Rob McDougall, Boston


the books arrived today, Christmas Eve, and I couldn't be happier!!! My dad is going to love them! Thanks so much and a very Merry Christmas to you and yours.

Judy Dorenkamp, Colorado


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