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Australia's cattle stations are fascinating. Vast landscapes and herds, interesting characters and a culture that is very different to coastal Australia. I'm the only photographer to have spent more than 3 decades specialising in photographing and writing about these stations, the largest 'ranches' in the world, and this experience gives me a good understanding of what makes each special.

These beautiful coffee-table style books include more than 800 unique photos I've taken since 1984 on nearly 60 of these stations. Images are accompanied by interesting captions and personal stories.

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The cattle stations included are spread across the most remote and least-understood parts of Australia:


  • Cape York Peninsula
  • Gulf Country
  • Channel Country

Northern Territory:

  • Barkly Tableland
  • Marine Plains
  • Victoria River District
  • Red centre

Western Australia:

  • East and West Kimberley.

Thousands of these books have been sent around the world; they are unique and the best quality available. But you don't need to take my word for it - read comments from some book buyers on the Testimonials page. (You may see a comment from someone you know.)

I offer a money-back guarantee of satisfaction (refund information).

If you would like more information on these outback books, these three pages are full of details:

  • Book Contents

    Detailed information on the contents. What is different about each book? Which cattle stations are in each book?

  • Discounts & Postage

    Book bulk discount and postage summary.

  • Book & Card F.A.Q.

    Other outback book and card information - delivery times, payment and GST information, signed books, how to arrange a gift to be sent to someone else, etc.

A photograph of a bronco yard post was included in the first book, A Million Acre Masterpiece, that had fallen over by the time the second book, Life as an Australian Horseman, was published. The photograph above shows a copy of A Million Acre Masterpiece leaning up against the fallen post. It serves as a graphic reminder of the inexorable but often unrecorded changes to Australia's pastoral history.

I have done my best to make a record of this unique heritage for posterity, but always wish I could do more.  Every person who purchases a book helps fund more record-keeping.  Order your personally signed copies here and when ordering don't forget to tell me what Australia's outback means to you, in the 'comments' section, if you would like to.

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