The Australian Outback's Largest Cattle Stations

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Exhibitions & Events:

  • Next Events - Details of future exhibitions & events
  • Previous Events - Details and photos of previous exhibition openings and other events
  • Exhibition F.A.Q - Information regarding art exhibitions and book launches. What happens, who attends, what to wear, how to make sure you know when one is on, etc.


Other References:

Translations (Outback Words & Expressions):

  • Words for 'horse' — Horse-related terms from other countries; for horsetailers, plant horses, horsebreakers, wild horses, saddlery, horse gaits, horse transport, stables and horsesports/rodeo terms, etc. 
  • Words for 'cow' — Cattle-related terms used in other countries; for unbranded cattle, mustering, a rush, cattlework, cattle pads and mobs of cattle.
  • Words for 'cattle station' — And other terms such as cattle station homesteads and staff quarters, sheds, grasslands, farms, stockyards, windmills and origins of the word station', as used in 'cattle station'.
  • Words for 'stockman' — And other people on cattle stations, from apprentice employees to managers and owners. Includes historical terms.
  • Words for stockmen's gear — Including stock catching equipment (ropes), whips, swags, cooking gear and utes.
  • Australian outback words — Some of the many unique words and expressions that are virtually exclusive to northern cattle stations (for explanations of meaning and a much more comprehensive list, refer to the glossary in 'A Million Acre Masterpiece' ).
  • Translations for 'outback' & 'country' — translations in several other languages.
  • Australian into American — Translation of ordinary Australian English into English spoken in other countries, including New Zealand, England and Canada but in particular America; plus Metric and Imperial measurements, Australian-American spelling differences and some of the most notable pronunciation differences of common words.  Not specifically rural words.


Aussie Films & References (Outback Culture):

  • 'Australia' The Film - General Info — When was Baz Luhrmann's 'Australia' movie filmed, how much did production cost, the premiere and release dates in cinemas and on DVD & Blue Ray, and links to related pages.
  • 'Australia' The Film - Story — Baz Luhrmann's 'Australia' film plot summary, translations of words & expressions used in the film, information on the authenticity of set and story details, who the actors are and the characters they play, the film score & musicians involved, and where 'Australia' was filmed.
  • 'On our Selection' Film — George Whaley's 1995 film based on the writing of Steele Rudd. Actors & the parts played, comments on the film, music, publicity & DVD, and the two other 'On our Selection' films.
  • McLeod's Daughters Television Programme — Information regarding the McLeod's Daughters Television Programme.
  • Bush Poetry — Details of some great Australian bush poetry books.
  • Bush Biographies — Details of more than 100 autobiographies, biographies etc, relating to the Australian bush - in particular, northern Australia and cattle stations.
  • Outback & Agricultural References — Details of dozens of non-fiction books; on a variety of subjects from plants, animals, farming and cattle stations, to bush cookbooks.
  • Outback Books for Kids — The best quality children's books, that relate to country life.


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