‘Australia’ film released on DVD and Blue Ray in the U.S. & Australia, March 2009

On March 3rd ‘Australia’ the movie was released on DVD and Blue Ray in the U.S. Disappointingly, apparently the DVD only includes 2 scenes that were not included in the completed film, although more extras are included on Blue Ray. This sounds like a massive missed opportunity – I know a truckload of top quality images would have hit the cutting room floor simply because of time restrictions (at 2 hours 45 mins ‘Australia’ could already have been two separate films). I’d love to have seen more of the extra scenes included on the DVD – but I guess it’s always possible they will include more if a second version of the ‘Australia’ film DVD is released prior to Christmas. Here’s hoping producers of the DVD make the most of the opportunity to include more that will otherwise remain unseen, here in Australia, at least. I’m looking forward to being able to take a longer look at the detailed scenes when DVD and Blue Ray versions of the film ‘Australia’ are released here in Australia.

By the 25th of February 2009 the film ‘Australia’ had knocked ‘Babe’ off the perch and made it into second place as Australia’s second highest grossing film ever; raking in more than $36 million; set to exceed $307 million in box office takings worldwide (and this was prior to the movie release in Japan; DVD and Blue Ray sales).

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