‘Australia’ the film opened today (26th Nov)

The film ‘Australia’ opened to the general public today. Wow what a film – fabulous scenery, excellent cinemaphotography, a great story (actually, more than one story), sad scenes (especially the row of little boy’s shoes) and best of all a great laugh. Well worth the 2 hours 45 minutes.

I can’t believe that people have been whining about the ‘ocker’ accent, some people must live in highly ‘refined’ parts of Australia – I was actually expected much earthier accents. After all this was set in the far north, nearly 70 years ago. And for people to complain there were too many cliches – rubbish too.

‘Australia’ is a masterpiece, go and see it on the big screen.

More information on the story of ‘Australia’, the actors, when and where ‘Australia’ was filmed, etc, is on the Australia film page, and information on visiting the exact locations where ‘Australia’ was filmed are on the Australia film – travel page. (This is practical, first-hand information, not glossy-brochure generalities produced by tourism organisations.)