‘Australia’ the film – responding to the critics

The internet is now overflowing with articles written by film critics and journalists, full of innacurate information in regard to the film ‘Australia’. These are people who have supposedly viewed the film, yet they have made basic errors with the plot, geography, historical facts, etc. Unfortunately most people won’t pick up on the errors, unless they’re very familiar with the subject.

Lazy journalism drives me crazy, because these people are paid to do a job and trusted by the general public. What appears in newspapers is quoted on and forms the basis of historical records.

Unfortunately most people mistakenly take everything they see in the media as fact, when it all should be taken with a grain of salt, rather than swallowed whole. Not everyone who is paid to write factual stories earns their keep. Some writers are too lazy to bother getting facts right, and a large number have very strong political barrows they are pushing (especially when it comes to sensitive topics such as indigenous affairs, even though most of these journalists wouldn’t know an aboriginal if they fell over one). To counter this misinformation, there will be an in-depth discussion of this lazy and subjective writing, with examples of the published innaccuries regarding Australia and the ‘Australia’ film, posted on this website, very soon. With links to accurate information regarding WWII and the bombing of northern Australia.

Interestingly, while a number of those paid to whine about the efforts of others have been critical of the film ‘Australia’, the vast majority of the general public are enjoying it. So don’t let those who earn their living by criticising, put you off seeing a fabulous film. Remember that critics are paid to find fault; and many of them haven’t even got all the facts right.

If you are determined to ‘hate’ any of the actors that appear in the film ‘Australia’, or ‘hate’ Baz Luhrmann’s productions, or if you think the Australian outback is a ‘cliche’ or ’embarrassing’, then you’re going to ‘hate’ ‘Australia’ the movie. All of the film critics who have written the film off, fall into this category. They either can’t stand Nicole Kidman and approached ‘Australia’ determined to have a negative view from the outset, and/or they are ‘superior’ types who think anything that doesn’t feature city life, is a cliche or derived from something that has been done before.

If on the other hand you go to see a film with an open mind, with a view to be entertained and immerse yourself in a really good yarn, to see fabulous landscapes, costumes and sets and great cinematography – and have a good laugh and a cry along the way – then you’ll love ‘Australia’.