Buck Buchester of Wave Hill station, has died, aged 80.

Buck Buchester was a ringer and a gentleman who had been described by those who knew him as the most unassuming bloke they know. Buck lived and worked in the NT’s Victoria River District for most of his life, including on Wave Hill station, where he passed on his knowledge of station skills to the young Sabu Sing (amongst hundreds of others, over many years). Buck had a renowned ability to remember sporting facts and was an avid cricket and football fan. He spent his last years in the generous care of Wave Hill managers, Gavin and Trish Hoad. Buck Buchester was born in Aramac (central western Qld) on 7 September 1929 and died on 21 April 2009, and will be well remembered by legions of once-young ringers and others who crossed paths with him over the years.