Quadrant farm tour to Ireland, Scotland and England in August/September

While off to dinner before a West End show, we just happened to pass Westminster Cathedral at sunset. Beautiful! Many refer to this type of brickwork as ‘streaky bacon’.

Listing all the highlights would be ridiculous, there were so many. However many found the “Black Cab” tour of Belfast especially interesting.

Still sorting the (thousands) of photos I took on this fabulous tour.  But couldn’t resist quickly posting a few of my phone pics today.

What do policemen do when the arrive at Westminster and Big Ben? Take photographs of course, just like everyone else does! The road had been closed in preparation for the finish of the Tour of Britain cycling race. Stumbling upon unexpected scenes is a lot of fun!

I am so missing the fabulous food. Every night was a three course dinner. And during the day, we got to test out the menu at a huge range of eateries, from quirky little local pubs to restaurants like Jamie Oliver’s. Fortunately there was walking involved, to counteract the effects of all the eating.

I’d expected the ferry trip to be relatively unspectacular but it turned out to be excellent. As was so often the case, the early cloud cleared to give us a beautiful mild, sunny day. The ferry is huge; multiple levels with really comfortable lounge chairs, cafes, some shops and lots of vehicles on board, including trucks carrying livestock.

We visited many farms and the bus drivers (this is Brendan, who took us around Ireland) did an amazing job of negotiating narrow, winding farm roads hemmed in by ancient stone fences. And it didn’t take us long to realise that sitting up high in a bus gave us a view over high hedges, such as the one on the right hand side (typical),  that car dwellers don’t have a hope of seeing over.

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