Rockhampton’s Beef Week

Rockhampton’s Beef Week is next scheduled for 4-9 May 2015.  Today someone asked me why I attend.  Good question!

It is the biggest Australian event of it’s kind and has a special buzz about it; helped by the fact that it’s only held every 3 years, thus efficiently concentrating attendance and the money involved. Here’s why I think every Australian with an interest in cattle should attend Rocky’s Beef Week:

  • Excellent quality seminars, workshops, tours etc – great speakers; interesting discussions; useful, new information.  It’s always a full-on programme, day after day. Tough choices have to be made between enticing options!
  • Networking – around 85,000 people attended Rocky’s Beef Week in 2012.  They came from other countries and all over Australia, and all have one thing in common – an interest in the beef industry.  And you’ll know at least some of them, possibly dozens or even hundreds.  Each time I attend, in addition to meeting people in person that I’ve only corresponded with by mail or over the phone, I catch up with people I haven’t seen for years (sometimes decades).  They are scattered all over Australia, and make a special effort to attend Rocky’s Beef Week as it’s only on every 3 years.  Miss one, and you have to wait another 3 years to attend.  It’s one big gab fest of the most enjoyable kind – mixing business and pleasure; talking with people you have a lot in common with, but that you see infrequently.
  • Tradefair – Around 300 exhibitors are included in the tradefair. Most people who sell anything specifically related to the Australian cattle industry can be found at Rocky’s Beef Week.  You get to meet suppliers etc that you may otherwise never meet in person – a great way to negotiate a good deal.
  • Social events – because I’m working on a trade stand for long hours daily I don’t get into the entertainment side of things (night time is for recovering!) But I know most people love this aspect, as there is a huge range of functions and events on offer, day and night. Many companies involved in the beef industry seize this ideal opportunity for Australia-wide staff to get together, for both meeting and social reasons.  The one event I make sure I always attend is the Queensland Rural Press Club breakfast, as they always have a first class speaker and it’s amongst great company (at a time of day I can squeeze in). I have noticed the eateries have improved a great deal over the years – I had some excellent takeaway tucker last year!
  • Competitions – there are various well-attended competitions held.  As far as I can tell, every single breed of cattle found in Australia can be seen at Rocky.
  • Overseas visitors – quite a few overseas visitors attend Rocky’s Beef Week, along with Austrade staff etc who hold special gatherings to help Australian exporters make connections etc. So it’s ideal for anyone interested in exporting genetics or beef industry-related goods as well as businesses that already do so.

I can’t recommend it highly enough. For anyone involved in the beef industry, if you have never been to Rocky’s Beef Week, it’s more a matter of ‘why not’ rather than ‘why’.  The only tricky bit is finding accommodation. Book early.