SLM Australia Livestock Fund

SLM Partners Australia Pty Ltd has set up the SLM Australia Livestock Fund, which has apparently been buying property around Cunnamulla (Southern Queensland) and Enngonia (North Western NSW). The plan is to cell graze large numbers of  cattle to “improve productivity while enhancing the environment”.  SLM stands for “Sustainable Livestock Management”.  Presumably SLM Partners will be running an organic beef production system, or as close to as possible.

One of the largest pension groups in Denmark, PKA, has invested $75 million in the SLM Australia Livestock Fund.  Gold Coast-based Tony Lovell of  Soil Carbon Australia is a Managing Partner of SLM Partners, and Dubbo-based David Ward is SLM’s Operations Manager.

The SLM Group has an office on the Gold Coast (Qld) and in London (UK).

Most investment in Australian agriculture by big companies – whether of Australian or overseas origin – is of dubious benefit to Australia (either agriculture or environment). However if SLM Partners walks the talk, it could turn out to be a shining example of positive investment from Australia’s point of view.

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