Social media use in rural Australia

This is how Australia’s bush grapevine now works.

On Saturday I drove home from Longreach, taking photographs along the way.

I just got a call from a bloke carting livestock, asking if I was in Charters Towers on Saturday.

I’d tweeted a photograph of his roadtrain, refuelling at Charters Towers. It was seen by someone in Central Queensland who recognised it and tagged the truckdriver in a Facebook post. His wife then found my phone number on my website, via the watermark on the photograph.

I’ve said it before but it bears repeating; rural Australia is leading the way when it comes to building an incredible communication network via social media. In particular, on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

It’s quickly reaching the point at which the list of people not using social media, is a shorter than the list who are.

  • Contrary to popular mythology, rural Australians are very quick to take up anything new, that is obviously useful.
  • It underscores the absolute necessity for rural Australia to have access to the fastest and most reliable voice and data transmission networks available.

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