Wrotham Park Station – Employee Reunion in Townsville, Friday 19th June 2009

Wrotham Park Station (Chillagoe, North Queensland) is scheduled to be auctioned for owners Great Southern Plantations, at 11am at Jupiters Casino in Townsville – on Friday 19th of June 2009.

There are many people who have lived and worked on Wrotham Park (including Gamboola, Highbury and Drumduff) who live in north Queensland, and this is an ideal reason for us to get together for lunch, straight after the auction. All ages are welcome, and it’ll be a casual do. Anyone who worked on neighbouring stations, such as Dunbar and Koolatah, are very welcome to come also. Please contact me if you’d like to come (so I know how large a table we need, and can contact people if there’s a change of venue).

Perhaps I am biased because it was the first big place I worked on, however it seems to me that many other people also have extra special memories of the time they spent on ‘the Park’ or surrounding stations. It’s one of those regions that casts a spell over a lot of people, and there are quite a few reminiscences that have been published in bits and pieces over the years. Some can be found on the internet, such as ‘Station Life in the 50’s by Brian Scholz. Brian mentions his encounters with a number of very well known residents of the region – including Walter Lawrence, Jack and George Shadforth, Dave Fowler, Ron Ferguson of Blackdown and Bob Norman of Bush Pilots. Then there are more recent accounts such as Steve Byrne’s experience of working in the area (Wrotham Park, Highbury, Drumduff, Koolatah, Dunbar and Rutland Plains), in particular with horses, in the late 1980s to early 1990s.